These Monkeys aren't Crowning around !

Friday the 10th of February saw us heading to Sydney for our 2nd venture into the Super 7's Paintball Series. After seeing such a polished event at Action Paintball Games for the Masters in November, we committed ourselves to a full season against some tough competition in the Semi-Pro division, with the hope of taking out the series for New Zealand.

Having to travel internationally is always a stretch for Semi-Pro teams, and this event was no exception - only four of our standard roster were available to play.

The field layout was based on 2009 Fuengirola Beach Cup, with what seemed like a stronger dorito side, and a fairly aggressive breakout which played well to our team. As prepared as we were after a lengthy field walk, the first game showed us exactly how it played, and we dropped a point in the and went to time, winning the point 2-1. We adapted quickly, and realised it was 'heads up' field, which again played to our strengths, while cementing the worth of the grind at training.

Having imported our own Ego 11's from New Zealand, and Mike from Action Paintball supplying us with a Geo 2, and an Etha as a backup, we were set for the weekend. We were never short of good firepower on the field, and it showed - the rest of Saturday we didn't drop a point, narrowly avoiding a severe fifteen minute storm that rolled by the field, and our guns never skipped a beat, even in the wet.

By the end of prelims on Sunday, and without dropping another game, we were top of the table - sure to go through to the finals. From there it was a nervous wait for some of the other teams, as a countback determined the 2nd place team to take us on in the final. We were quietly confident considering how our weekend had been progressing so far, and that confidence showed on the field, convincingly winning the final 3-0.

Thanks HEAPS to all those guys behind the scenes at the Super 7's; it's a fantastic event and we'll be back for every event this year! Also, I can't thank our sponsors enough - Planet Eclipse for the amazing shooters, Paintball Assassin,, Action Paintball Games, Killer Paintballs, SCK Paintball and DerDer Paintball Productions - we couldn't win events like this without the best gear and great people behind us!

From everyone at Planet HQ.. Well Done... The Emortal Army marches on!!!!


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