Total War (Down Under) #1

Event # 1

For the first event of the year in Sydney and Perth the Total War Event # 1, went extremely well! The weather was perfect and it really was awesome to see the games and the scenarios go so well. The two teams played very well, however the SASR really smashed it up in the final game to secure victory. The smoke was flying in Sydney and we all had a great time. Special thanks to Darren, Nathan Dunn, Ringo NG, Ben Simpson, Karl Simpson, Aaron Sillis, and Scott Marden. Having the pro refs on the field really makes the game better and fairer.

Special thanks to Mike and John for allowing me to do the work to make these games come together. The Thanks to all who registered online, it made things go so much faster!


Medal of Honour (Most Lethal on the Battle Field)
Sydney: Jake Trindorfer
Perth: Adam Laker

Gold Star (Best Leader on the Battlefield)
Sydney: Mark Jefferies
Perth: Ben Dougherty

Silver Star (Best Defensive Player)
Sydney: Jay Davies
Perth: Prentice Barry
Bronze Star (Best Long Range Sniping)
Sydney: Josh Platt
Perth: N/A

Purple Heart (Most Shot in Combat)
Sydney: Madi
Perth: Greg Halden

Military Cross (Best Dressed)
Sydney: Luke Croucher
Perth: Brett Davis

Assault Rifle Proficiency Medal (Most Extreme or Deadly Paintball Gun)
Sydney: Jeremy Shinko – Top Hat Jokers
Perth: Sam Macnamara

Distinguished Service Medal (Best New Scenario Player)
Sydney: Jake Psaras
Perth: N/A


Game 1
235 SASR Sydney 69 SASR PERTH
150 IRAN Sydney 115 IRAN PERTH

Game 2
186 SASR Sydney 39 SASR PERTH
198 IRAN Sydney 136 IRAN PERTH

Game 3
351 SASR Sydney 43 SASR PERTH
209 IRAN Sydney 156 IRAN PERTH

Total Score Sydney: SASR : 772 IRAN : 557
Total Score Perth: SASR: 151 IRAN: 407


A special thanks to Total Wars sponsors, Planet Eclipse, Dye Precision, Annex, Killer Paintballs, and  The prizes were awesome and you can expect them to only get better!  
We had less people than I hoped for, however Im sure that it will pick up, and we will strive to make each event better and better. The only way to do that is to hear from you, the player. So please post here any constructive criticism or ideas that you may have. I will try my best to make the next game even better. I hope that one day the scenario games that we run are the biggest in the country and I am dedicated to that. Thanks to all who played or were involved.

-Adam Connolly


  1. When will be the next event? I would love to come and play


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