We’re Drinking Again….2012

By Pub Crawling....

It’s hard to believe, but the 2012 season is already 2 games old, and by the time you read this it will be 3 games old! We started the season in Fayetteville Tennessee, at Bearclaw paintball with the fantastic production company MPP (millennium paintball productions) and their head duo; Ben and Bonnie Torricelli.
Now sometimes we get some grief for not attending the Friday night player’s party, this was no exception. Instead we chose to attend a private party thrown by 2 of our teammates, UmBop and Whitey. This was not an ordinary party, this was a Southern Crawfish Boil…and we spent the evening peeling and eating over 80 pounds of crawfish, boiled potatoes, and corn on the cob; hopefully that explains our decision to not attend the player party. It should be noted that sometimes we do go, but just not all the time.

The game was excellent, as usual, but and I do mean but….we were reminded of what a good old fashioned butt kicking feels like. I’m here to tell you, that it sucks. LOL. Regardless, a good time was had by all and we are well aware that in all paintball games; someone wins and someone loses. We lost. But we walked away with a executive officer award (give to MJ, who filled in as second in command a various points in the game) and a General’s special service award (kind of like the little brother to the MVT award…think Etek to Ego…pretty damn good no matter how you slice it).

Of course a lucky player got to dance cheek to cheek with MJ and won a sweet package of SWAG donated by Planet Eclipse and Procaps! Those guys are great.

The second game of the season was played at Poco Loco Paintball, located just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Another great event, put on by the guys at TSSOC paintball. This game we focused on introducing 5/6 new players to the game and made sure they had fun…after all without new players our sport is screwed! It seemed clear to us that these new players had a blast because they all played until the final whistle.

The end result of the game was close loss by our side, but an absolute win for paintball! And Pub Crawling took home the MOFO (most formidable opponent award) from the opposing general (in our opinion this is the best award to win, as it is awarded by the enemy for what they believe was the best of their enemy).

Soon we are off to South Carolina…..we hope the beer’s cold and whisky’s old. Be sure to follow Pub Crawling at: