BK Flag Wars

Our second game of the year placed us in the lush forest of the Georgia countryside near Rome at Scenario Paintball Games.  No, not Rome Italy, but we can tell you there are fantastic Italian establishments to dine at in the area. 
Flag Wars is the name of the game and each team aims to raise their flag at multiple stations throughout this expansive and diverse field of warfare.  Each 30 minutes the staff checks to see if and which flag is flying to award points. 
Black Karma volunteered for the White Team and for the first day of play challenged ourselves with one of the most heavily contested areas – the Town.  After running through some deep cover in the woods, we were met with an awesome sight:  hundreds of little round brightly colored friends waiting to pat us on the body.  This made of each giggle with delight at each battle that we kept throwing ourselves toward, but sadly we were behind on points for the first part of the day.  After a lunch break each team switched bases and found that their previous plans were dramatically changed around.  We found the Norad Base side of the battle more to our liking whether attacking the Red Team at their base or defending our base from a surprise attack.  More evidence of this side of the field being better for our playing style showed up in our team being ahead after the second half of play.  After a small break, each team squared off in a Final Battle to raise their flag in the Town.  We did not raise our flag, but also kept the Red team from raising theirs. 

After a wonderful night of dinner at Gondolier's Pizza and Italian Restaurant in downtown Rome and a great night of sleep we prepared ourselves for day two of battle.  Game on started at Hamburger Hill and quickly moved throughout to the Airport, Town, and Norad Base.  Both teams were toe to toe for the remainder of the game.  At the final battle White Team was up on Red Team by 300 points.  If Red team were to raise their flag, this battle would have been a draw.  Red Team tried numerous times to rush us with a wall of players protecting their flag puller, but each time they failed.  Nearing the end, with one minute to go, a near constant stream of paint from each player deterred any further advances. 
We ended this game with a win for the White Team and they awarded us a Sportsmanship Award. We made a ton of new friends and caught up on good times with our fellow “brothers in arms”, regardless of which side they were on.  This is an awesome and lower cost game that is always a pleasure to go to because it truly is tailored to the player.  If you haven’t been to this field, give it a try – you will not regret it. 
As always, all of our equipment performed flawlessly.   It was my first time using an Etha this game and I loved it.  We will be at Bearclaw Paintball in Fayetteville, TN for the MPP “Manstein’s Revenge” game on May 26th & 27th.  Stop by and say hi and get some cobbler.

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