Gone in 60 Seconds

Team Brute Force played on the 15th of April at the event 'Gone in 60 Second's' at Paintball Sports Paintball in Plattkill, NY. 

Here is a write up of the event by the Team Owner Mike Revelle.

This past weekend, Team Brute Force traveled to Plattekill, New York to play at Paintball Sports and their “Gone in 60 Seconds” scenario event. Craig and Paul met at Mike Revelle’s house at 1pm Saturday afternoon to jam three massive Planet Eclipse gear bags and the other necessities into a small Hyundai Veloster, later nicknamed the “Velociraptor.”

After 25 minutes of playing life sized tetras, the car was packed and the three hit the concrete jungle of the Mass Pike and Interstate 84. The three and a half hour drive was filled with epic paintball war stories, country music, intense dub step, laughing at some seriously weird drivers, and listening to the Velociraptors seriously sexy navigation voice.

Around 5:30pm, we finally rolled up to the hotel, checked in, dropped the gear off, and then made the 20 minute trek to find Paintball Sports. After just a few minutes of leaving the hotel we found fast food heaven. Within a one mile strip was the amazingness of amazing which included; Sonic, Five Guys, Applebee’s, Chili’s, TGI Friday’s, Denny’s, Longhorn, Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Dairy Queen, Dunkin’ Donuts, Taco Bell, and so many more! Once we got to the field, we took a brief look around and then drove to Chili’s to get some much needed food.

The next morning we woke up, ate the most depressing continental breakfast we have ever witnessed at a hotel, and departed for the field. When we arrived at the field around 7:30am, there were already a few teams and players there setting up for the day. We spent the next hour setting our gear up and chatting about our plans for the day. Once Charles Holten AKA Happy, our General and close PNL friend arrived, we checked in to get our paint and entry all squared away. We met for the game opening speeches and rules brief, then we split to get ready for the inevitable “Game on” buzzer.
We walked out to our base and awaited the buzzer, once sounded The team sprinted to the center point of the field, today in true scenario style it was called “Carson City.” Immediately, the team bogged down in an intense gunfight as we battled for control of a small bridge that split the a key part of the field in two. Of the entire day, this bridge was the center point for some of the best gun fights I have ever witnessed, and only twice did we achieve total control of it – but quickly it got retaken back to a stalemate.

The goal of the game for us on the Police side was to protect the 48 cars that were spread throughout the massive field. The only way we could achieve points was to either #1. Catch a thief stealing a car, or #2. Take the car back after they had possessed it. The thieves were extremely sneaky at stealing the cars, but when enemy numbers grew scarce on the field – the police side performed a massive rush that encompassed the entire field pushing them all the way back to their base. We found over 32 cars hidden away in their base which we confiscated and snuck back through the deadly swamps to our top secret hiding place.

At the end of the day, the Police had secured 38 cars, and won the game with a points spread of 2000 to 1650.

It was one of the most intense and greatest days of paintball I had ever witnessed, the communication between the game commander Justin aka Voodoo (who is a close friend of mine and a Steeel Reserve teammate) and the team leaders was flawless, I have never seen such communication and teamwork in a scale this massive ever before. It was thanks to the leadership of Justin and Happy, as well as each and every team out there who won this game.

Major thanks go to Steeel Reserve, The Creed, Team Hellbent, and of course the incredible scenario written by Noah Harper and the PSI Staff, plus all of the others who made it happen. Thank you.

Team Brute Force is a scenario and big game paintball team based out of New England. We have members in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut – Not to mention travel to fields all over the East Coast to play paintball at the highest level possible. Without the help from our sponsors none of what we do would be possible. Massive thanks toPlanet Eclipse for providing our Markers, Bags, Performance Gear, and Jerseys. Valken Sports for providing the best damn paint on the market, our packs, and hoppers. Energy Paintball for the batteries that always keep our gear running smooth and NEVER die. and finally PNL Paintball, for allowing us and our brother teams to spread the PNL ideology everywhere we go!

Next Events:
Hope to see you all next month at our next event at Outdoor Xtreme Chesapeake City’s Gangland: A House Divided Scenario written by Delta Paintball. AND at PNL Paintball’s Willy Wonka Event written by Steeel Reserve and reffed by the PNL Field Teams including ourselves and CT Commandos, on June 30th!

For more info about the team, our sponsors or the Willy Wonka event visit www.teambruteforce.net