Hybrid Foto 2012

2011 was a amazing year for HyBrid Foto. Not only did we become a official Swedish corporation with a new logo and profile, we grew in leaps and bounds.  Planet Eclipse was right there with us.

As we traveled the world our Eclipse gear protected us from all the hits, kept our knees pain free as we kneeled down to get those perfect shots and helped transport our gearfrom tournament to tournament.  

As we start 2012, we once more have teamed up with Planet Eclipse.  This year we have grown to four photographers,two videographers and two outstanding video editors here in Europe plus twophotographers taking care of the stateside action for us. Once more we turned to Eclipse for our protective gear (elbow pads, gloves, pants and overload jersey) as well as new gear bags to carry all of our new gear and equipment.  Without hesitation, Ledz said "Let's do it"!  This year we have upgradedboth video and photographic equipment and will be working closer than ever with the Planet Eclipse family, bringing them hard hitting video and amazing photos for promotion of their powerhouse Emortal Army.  

In 2011 we covered over 17 events around the world, in 2012 we will be covering more than 22 events around the globe as well as parterning with two new emerging paintball series in Europe as their official media partners.  Now more than ever can we truely say "HyBrid Foto has got you covered" 

Huge thanks going out to Ledz and the entire Planet Eclipse family for believing in our dream and helping us to reach for the stars. 

You can follow HyBrid Foto on Facebook at www.facebook.com/hybridfoto or on their newly re-designed website www.hybrid-foto.com