Team Unknown

Team Unknown are having a great start to the year! They are running away with the Champion's Podium every event. 

Team Unknown's achievement so far - 

- Received Planet Eclipse HDE/ETHA packages from Skirmish Paintball Asia in Feb 2012
- First tournament was Malaysian Woodsball League  - MWL Leg 1 @ Putrajaya, Feb 2012, 
  Champion of the Open Division
- Second tournament MWL Leg 2 @ Kijal Kemaman, Mar 2012, Champions of the Open Division
- Third tournament was Clash of Aces 3 - CoA3 and Tactical Paintball Championship - 
  TPC Leg 2 @   Malacca, Apr 2012, Champion Gold Division

Statement from Team Unknown spokesperson - Mie: 

"The HDE apparels gave our team a distinct advantage over our rivals on visibility, flexibility and comfort during games and the new Etha and other Eclipse makers is simply Magic and works beautifully. Thank you Planet Eclipse and Skirmish Paintball Asia."

Team photo courtesy of

Thanks Guys and keep up the awesome playing! 


  1. love this team. they are an awesome bunch of people. I know this very personally because I played against them before and have now joined them officially. great people on and off the field and will treat u the same if you are against or with them on the field!


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