Bad Boys, Bad boys, Whatcha Gonna Do . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . When They Come For You !!!!

Team Badboys is a youth team from Holland playing millenium for the second time in their paintball carreer. The team has one player only 13 years old, one 16, one 17, one 18, one 20 and one player 34. Team Badboys are playing division 2.

Our first game was scheduled at Friday evening because of mid-terms of two Badboys players that didn’t want to miss a game.

Results of Team BadBoys Millennium Bitburg 2012
 The Prelims wen’t extremely well for us. None of us expected these results and we are extremely proud of them.

 Prelim Results:
 *BadBoys-Extreme Neapolis 4-1
 *BadBoys-Mamba Libreville 4-0
 *BadBoys-Mustang Chartres 4-1

After the prelims we got in to the Sunday-club. The First game was for the last 16. When we heared our opponent was Offenburg Comin At Ya 2 we thought it would be a very hard game. But suprisingly it wen’t better than expected.

 Last 16
 *BadBoys-Offenburg Comin At Ya (2) 4-1

After the last 16 game we had to play the quarter-finals against Paris AYD. We came in favour 3 to 0. At this point the nerves kicked in. They came back winning 3 points in a row.  After losing 3 points in a row the coaches totally changed the game plan. And with the support from a great bunch of Holland supporters, that were yelling BADBOYS BADBOYS we were able to defeat them 4 to 3.

 *BadBoys-Paris AYD 4-3

 At the semi-finals the nerves really kicked in. After a quick 1 to 0 for Badboys  everything went wrong. This resulted in a 1-4 loss.

 *BadBoys-NPP Valenciennes 1-4

Though we lost our semi-final game the coaches said to us that they already were extremely proud of us. And what ever happened in this game didn’t really mather anymore. In this way they tried to take our nerves down. This actually really worked great resulting in a 4-1 win for us.

Finals 3/4 place
 *BadBoys-London Relentless 4-1

The end result is one to come home with. We brought ourselves on the podium the second time we played millenium. Something to be really proud of. Badboys finished 3th at the Millenium Bitburg 2012.

Thanks to Go Beyond for the Pic:


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