FoXball 2012

For such a young series it seems to have captured the hearts of the local teams.  FoXball has once again experienced huge growth and opens the 2012 season with a 50% increase in teams over 2011.  Having grown from 6 teams in 2009 to its current crop of 21 teams the league is now divided into two divisions, the Major Leagues and Minor Leagues.

The Major Leagues is an open division and provides a place for the area’s top talent to play locally.  The Minor Leagues is restricted to D3 players and lower and provides a environment that is ideal for learning the ropes and working their way into the Major Leagues and/or national PSP events.  The format played by both divisions is the same – two 15 minute halves.  Similar to the PSP’s race-to format the play is centered around five on five play with the focus on hanging the flag and scoring a point.  The only major difference is that the PSP stops at certain number of points or upon time expiring.  foXball is purely a timed event.  Each team gets the opportunity to play 30 minutes of paintball in every match.

The series is based upon a regular season with a set schedule spread out over 4 different event dates.  Each team plays 2 full matches at each event and has the chance to earn their way into the finals where the top teams will battle it out for over $20K in prizes.  Additionally each team has the chance to vote one of their players into the All-Star match where they’ll have a chance to showcase their skills in front of everyone in the league.

The season is already fast underway and Event 1 wrapped up this past weekend (5/20) with the 2nd half of the minor league matches.  It proved to be an interesting first event with some predictable results in the majors but a few surprises in the minors.  Perennial powerhouses Blackstone NEAA and El Dorado Gunfighters finished 2-0 for their first event and were joined by new comer Warren Boats and Hoes, who started off their first match a little shaky with a Match Misconduct penalty for a gun shooting nearly 18 BPS but managed to settle down and win their matches.

The Minors saw a few more surprises with East Coast Empire and New England united finishing 2-0 after having mediocre seasons in 2011.  Looks like the winter practices are paying off for these teams.  The old school players from The MOB showed the young guns a thing or two and turned a few heads in the process.  They finished 1-1 for the day and proved that gun skills and game knowledge can win out over youth and speed.

The season is shaping up to provide some of the most exciting paintball in the region.  Some key matches for event two in early June are:
Blackstone NEAA (2-0) vs Warren Boats and Hoes (2-0)
Warren Boats and Hoes (2-0) vs El Dorado Gunfighters (2-0)
Providence Rampage (2-0) vs Medford S.I.N. (2-0)

Looking to catch the action in person?  Come out to Fox 4 Paintball in Upton, MA.   You can find all the information about the league: Dates, Rules, Results, Standings, etc.. at:

Teams participating in foXball for 2012:

Major League Teams:
Blackstone NEAA (Defending Champions)
El Dorado Gunfighters
New England Lobsters
Orange Iguanas
South Boston Section 8
Upton Brawlers
Warren Boats & Hoes
Worcester Rush (2011 Minor League Champions)

Minor League Teams:
Medford S.I.N.
Providence Rampage
Rod Squad
Worcester Surge
North End Notorious
New England United
East Windsor Empire
GSP All Stars
Boston Reapers
New England Invasion
Hawaiian Headhunters
Portland Shipyard