Prophecy do it AGAIN !!!!!

What a week!!!

Coming from Bitburg (Millennium Series) where we enter the Sunday club, every one of us was full of hope and the mind-set to play the weekend after was the best.

The weekend the team spent in Bitburg to play Millennium Series, was something out of this world, we had so much fun, we played good paintball, we watched very nice games, and we actually meet some cool people, thanks to Steve Rabackoff that was kind enough to introduce the team to some of our Sponsors owners.

This Second stage of the Portuguese Paintball Championship was played in Montargil, very nice place to visit, the field was a new football/soccer field with a really nice new turf.

At this event the first game played was against team Triball. It was not a good start, we already played this team before and won, but not this time...
Maybe we were overconfident, maybe they just played better, but I think it was because our minds were someplace else, we were missing a friend that could not play at this event, and because we consider ourselves not just a paintball team, we really are a group of good friends that need to be all together we felt that something was missing… anyway we lost the game 4-1 against Triball.

Why I say that the team needed to be all together, and why that is important is because between game one and game two our friend arrived, from there our attitude towards what was coming changed radically.

Second game was against Boavista.
We won 4-0 with everyone playing like crazy, it was the start of our fight to get in to the semi-finals... Boavista was playing with the same paint our team uses, the one and only G.I.Sportz paint, we know how good it is even so we did our part and got victory.

Third game was against Metralhas-B.
We won 4-1, again the team played really well.

Lunch time… It was a well-deserved break, we started bad but we did our part on getting us to the semi-final.

Regarding our coach Jose Antonio Otero (Jota Apd) he is more than ever a big part of this team… Between coaching, being a friend, he is someone we can trust our decisions as an individual player and team, all the faith he has on us translates in strength when the team plays.

Getting ready for the afternoon games I think the team was really relax, the overall thought was to win, we already knew that one of the teams that could give us a struggle for our objective was out of the way because they did not go thru the semi-finals and that was a really good boost to us. Now we knew that was up to us to put a significantly point distance between first and second place of the overall classification… Like we say the Championship is all about consistency so first place was the only thing on our minds.

Semi-final game was against Rush Vitória Janes.
This team is not one of the strongest teams but it contains some good players, one of them is Hugo Pires a very experienced player, normally we see him playing the snake where he is just one of the best in Portugal, but this time he played dorito side, and he was on fire… Our team really likes him and he is one of the coolest guys ever. We won 4-0

So we were in the FINAL…

This game was played against J.D. Fontainhas, they have experience on their side and they were playing a FINAL game coming from a third place on the first stage, so they were pretty positive about playing it. The only problem was that by now our team feeling was only on getting victory, and we were not willing to give it away, we knew we could win easy, and so we did, playing really good aggressive paintball Prophecy Paintball Team won the final game of the second stage 4-0.

At the end of the day we learned some lessons, first games are important to win, we came from Millennium with high confidence and that almost played a trick on us, so we had to open our eyes to a different reality that every tournament is unique.

To our sponsors Planet Eclipse thanks for Geo 2.1 this Geo is something out of this world, they are the best, to G.I. SPORTZ paintball we could not be more thankful because the paint is just amazing, at this event we started to use our new paintball shoes from Exalt and the feedback from every one of the team is just the BEST they were all happy, also new was our masks we now wear V-force masks and they look so much cool, so thanks to all our sponsors we are really happy with your support…

Thanks to Adrenalicia (APD) for all the support you guys provide, you are amazing, always on our side always ready if we need something, thanks so much Javier and Jota, Hybrid foto, Jorge Sá Madeiras, to Frostline and Dream Team clothing, respect to all.

To my team mates David Mendonça, Pedro Graça, Alex Gomes, João Lima, Nuno Roxo, Jorge Sá and João Teles… I love you guys. Special thanks to Pedro Borba and all the people from team Blue Falcon for your help. To our coach Jose Antonio Otero (Jota Apd) a special thanks for your unconditional support and faith in us.

Ricardo Melo
Prophecy Team


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