Norwegian Paintball League – Event 2 – Hokksun

After getting back from Bulgaria we had only a short week to prepare for the upcoming NPL in Hokksund. We had a team practice on Wednesday to re-familiarize us with the field layout as we had been playing another layout in Bulgaria.

We drove to the site very early Saturday morning and the games were soon underway. Slagen Bandits Gold and Silver was fortunately in different brackets. Hokksund have never been a good tournament for us traditionally, so we were eager to try to repeat our 1st and 2nd place from NPL 1. SB Gold had to overcome some injuries just prior to the event and we had to play some people out of position as opposed to our practices.

With this in mind I think we were a little bit uncertain before our first match against Rebels. This was a close game last event. Not this time, as we won 3-0, they seemed to run into our guns most of the time. Next game was against Mold Xtreme which we won 3-1.

Even though we won our two first matches, we had a hard time getting some offense going on the snakeside of the field. This should probably have been a warning sign but we didn’t adjust our game plan much and this would hurt us for the rest of the event.

Next up was Izmir which had a slightly bolstered lineup from last event and looked to be the team to beat this time. A couple of points were close but in the end we lost 3-0 and that put us in a must win position before our last game against Sabotage. Sabotage had altered their rooster a bit with Drammen Solid players on the team.

Even though Sabotage played good, this was probably one of the flattest games we have played in a long time and it ended with a 3-1 loss which put us out.

Luckily for us Slagen Bandits Silver scraped out three wins in their bracket with some very uneven paintball and made it through to the semifinals. Sometimes they played great against good opposition, but dropping the ball against presumed weaker teams.

In the semis they faced Sabotage in a close match but ended up with a 3-2 loss. In the bronze final they faced a disappointed Izmir Collision in a 3-1 loss.

Surprise winner of the event was Sabotage, beating Stavanger Mayhem in a tense 3-2 final.

In retrospect we should have taken one extra practice day on the layout, just to familiarize players with their new starting positions, and we should also adjusted our game plan even if we were winning. One more lesson learned...

But even though Slagen Bandits didn’t get any trophies this time, Slagen Bandits Silver once again turned in a positive performance for such an inexperienced team. If they can keep it up they will very soon turn into a force to be reckoned with!

Wait, we actually did get a trophy! Congratulations to Slagen Bandits Blue who took second place in div. 3!

Special Thanks to HYBRID FOTO for the Pics:


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