There is a Tsunami coming !!

On July 21st and 22 Team Tsunami, based out of Ecuador and Columbia, joined forces with a few American players to compete in the CSP Peru Event. Marc Lancia from Planet Eclipse, Oliver Lang from Dynasty and Tony Perez all attended the CSP Peru event to play with Team Tsunami. Team owner and Captain, Gustavo Romero brought everyone together to compete against other teams that have brought in Pro Players for the event. Team Tsunami is 6-1 for the year already. Their only lost is a 2nd place finish so they have had the best year yet as a team. 4 core members from the team were able to attend the Peru event. 2 from Ecuador (Gustavo Romero and Felipe) and 2 from Columbia (Felipe Mejia and David Ramierz). 2 Other teams came with team Tsunami from Ecuador. Team Tsunami Kids and Quito Empire. All 3 teams are Planet Eclipse sponsored teams. They had a team in Open(Tsunami), Amateur(Quito Empire) and Rookie(Tsunami Kids). Team Tsunami ended the prelims in 2nd place going 3-1 only losing to Team Mercenarios who had Yosh and Dalton from Team Dynasty playing with them. They did beat us 3-0 but we knew we would be seeing them again. Our other 2 teams also had a good prelims and made it to the Semis as well. All 3 Planet Eclipse teams have made it into the next round. Team Tsunami beat out Inca Killerz in the Semis which put them into the finals against Mercenarios, which gave them a little revenge on the only team to beat them so far. The Kids team also made it into the finals but Quito Empire fell a little short and would be playing for 3rd and 4th place. The kids team played a great match in the finals but in the end came up a little short and ended up in 2nd Place. Team Tsunami went into the finals knowing what they needed to do, take Yosh and Dalton out of the game. We changed our game plan and went out fighting strong against them winning the first 2 points. With just over a minute left we knew they had to come hard at us to try to get back into the match but we locked the field down and shot everyone as they tried to make their moves and in the end Team Tsunami won the final match 3-0.

It was a great event with all 3 Planet Eclipse teams finishing on the podium. In the end the 11 year old kid from Tsunami Kids ended up winning the MVP for his division. He played awesome the entire weekend and kept them in the games and also had a 4 player run through in one of the matches.

It was a great week and a great event for everyone. We would like to thank all our sponsors and especially Planet Eclipse for providing us with great markers and gear to use. We also would like to thank Marc Lancia, Oliver Lang and Tony Perez for taking time out of their busy schedule and coming down to Peru to play with us. We have a lot more tournaments to play for the rest of the year and we are hoping to go into World Cup with some more 1st place finishes.!/tsunami.colombia