Badboys OSS - Dutch Champions

Before we start telling you guys how this tournament went for us, we want to take a moment to thank everyone who made this year possible for us.  Without our sponsors, coaches, crew and supporters this all wouldn’t even be possible. In special we want to thank Paintball de Naaldhof, Cdisz Investments, Planet Eclipse ,Maxx trading and Sterling Paintballs.

Now, I am going to tell you in short how this tournament went for us:

At the first leg of the Dutch Championships we all came together to discuss what plans we had for the tournament. What our “primary” goal was. Last year we finished third and we definitely wanted to improve this year. So we decided that our goal would be second for this year. The first leg of the championships was the hardest one of all. We immediately got scheduled against the hardest opponents such as Heat, Ferox, Soultakers etcetera. Surprisingly we won all of our matches that day with 4-0. Except the one against Heat, which later on would become the hardest match of the tournament. We managed to win 4-3. Every other leg we won all of our matches. The final leg we had to compete with the first 6 teams on the ranking list (the ranking list was created over 3 legs, the top 6 teams would play in one bracket while the other 6 would compete against each other). This meant for us that we had to fight all the “better”  teams at the last leg. With some close matches, losing some points but no games we won ALL of our matches in the WHOLE series!  

Team Badboys OSS Series Champions ....UNDEFEATED !!!!

We said that we would tell it in short so we’ re stopping now, one more thing we want to say is: “Keep your eyes open for us because WE ARE COMING FOR YOU!”

BADBOYS OSS, What ya gonna do?