ETV's #REDSUNDAY (Part 1) Out Now... FREE

#redsunday. "To Rise Above, you have to question everything you know...about paintball, and about yourself."

PART 1. (The full film 77-minute can be downloaded at

Season 3 of Artifact, the acclaimed documentary film series produced by Planet Eclipse, begins with #redsunday starring Omaha Vicious.

Vicious is one of the 12 professional paintball teams competing on Paintball Sports Promotions RaceTo 7 Pro Series, and #redsunday gives you a candid look at the past 12 months of their lives, the most tumultuous in the team's history, from June 2011-June 2012.

Vicious experienced a meteoric rise dominating the amateur ranks of the PSP national series from 2005-2009, before turning pro for the 2010 season. But once in the pro ranks, recreating their previous success is a struggle.

Will they continue? Will they Rise above? and How?

PART 1. Planet Eclipse first deploy their ETV camera crew to join Vicious at in June 2011, at the PSP Chicago Open. Nearly a season and half to their journey as professionals, we find Vicious at the lowest point in the teams' history. Tensions are high, success is slipping away, and Vicious they sit on the brink of implosion.

Veteran action sports filmmaker Dan Napoli and Disconnected Media logged over 200 hours and 27GB of footage capture over 12 months, bringing you unprecedented access and intimacy to Omaha Vicious as they try to prove to the world they belong and the highest level, and more importantly, prove it to themselves, and rekindle their championship tradition of....Red Sunday.

#redsunday and the Artifact film series is produced by Planet Eclipse, a worldwide leader in action sports equipment, and producers of the EGO,GEO,ETEK, and ETHA paintball markers. in association with Deep Elm Records. and Disconnected Media. The film is narrated by Matt Marshall, a retired professional paintball player and renowned commentator, and writer.

Part 1 of #redsunday features the music by (in order of appearance) "Darkest Days/Bleeding" by Ignite, and "August" by Athletics.