Malaysian - DOMINATION !!!!

TC Owner and nice guy from Skirmish Asia send me a little e-mail this week....

I am very happy and proud to let you know that your Planet Eclipse sponsored teams has gone and ran away with nearly all the championships in Malaysia this year..... Here is the news;

1.......Team Unknown  - Woodsball team shooting the brilliant Etha markers has taken the Winners' podium from 3 out 4 legs and the other was a 2nd placed podium placing from the Tactical Paintball Championship - TPC and are the winners of ALL 3 legs of the Malaysian Woodsball League - MWL.

Quoting Jet Lee, Capt of team Unknown, "the Etha totally changed the way we played the tournament with its lightweight body, air efficiency and accuracy. Rate of fire is more than enough for any tournament plus with the EMC Kits, its the most visually pleasing marker in the Universe. My team is extremely pleased with the Etha's performance and reliability and we can only try to outperform it".

Also just finished last weekend.

2......Planet Eclipse teams 1-2 podium finishing in the last leg of the Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit - MPOC with team Nemesis overcoming team Raskal in a thrilling finals game.

3........ Team Nemesis was also crowned the MPOC overall Champions for 2012 after 5 legs after overcoming teams or a combination of teams from Australia, Iran, Thailand and Philippines throughout the series. Raskal taking 3rd place.

Our next target which has been elusive to Malaysian teams is the top WCA title. Training has begun and team Raskal and Nemesis will train and be sparring together to hone their skills for this event. We just want to win it.

This has been a good year for Planet Eclipse in Malaysian tournaments :-)

Form everyone here at Planet HQ, we salute you... The Emortal Army rolls deep in the east !