Redemption Rises !!!!!

Here’s the latest photo of ‘Redemption’ an awesome playing field at Wildwoodz Paintball in Inverness in the Highland’s of Scotland.

The town of ‘Redemption’ is obviously named after the computer game ‘Red Dead Redemption’ but the layout is not based on any real or fictional location, it’s just the culmination of an active imagination and some very very hard work.  Six single storey buildings including the classic jail, sheriff’s office and general store, five two storey buildings with a Bank, sawmill, Saloon and Smithy and a 3 storey church complete with bell tower. This photo was taken to celebrate the completion of phase two of building work which is the addition of the central features and not yet content to finish at that there is a phase 3 planned for 2013!

 Looks pretty darned cool already doesn’t it? If you can’t make one of their monthly walk-on days you should definitely be looking to attend their scenario game “The Hunger Games” on May 5th 2013.