ETV's #REDSUNDAY (Part 2) Out Now... FREE

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PART 2. After the unthinkable-life without Greg Pauley, Omaha Vicious tap veteran paintball coach Ryan Gray to coach them on paintball's greatest stage-the PSP World Cup.

Vicious answer the call, breaking out their vaunted Sunday red jerseys for the first time as professionals at 2011 PSP World Cup of Paintball.

Veteran action sports filmmaker Dan Napoli and Disconnected Media logged over 200 hours and 27GB of footage capture over 12 months, bringing you unprecedented access and intimacy to Omaha Vicious as they try to prove to the world they belong and the highest level, and more importantly, prove it to themselves, and rekindle their championship tradition of....Red Sunday.

And.. in case you missed part one: