Guayaquil Paintball Team y Monosalvaje

Noticias desde el EPPL - Guayaquil Open

El 1 y 2 de septiembre, la ciudad de Guayaquil fue la casa del Guayaquil Open. 2 equipos Planet Eclipse obtuvieron los primeros lugares.
Monosalvaje Paintball Team gano la division 2 y Guayaquil Paintball Team gano la division 5.
Estos 2 equipos salieron invictos ganando cada punto y cada juego del torneo.
El esfuerzo, juego en equipo, concentracion y duro entrenamiento cada fin de semana fue la formula para el exito
Felicitaciones a nuestros JUGADRES DEL EMORTAL ARMY
Monosalvaje Paintball Team y Guayaquil Paintball Team.

News from the EPPL - Guayaquil Open

On September 1st and 2nd, Guayaquil City, Ecuador was the home of the EPPL Guayaquil Open. EPPL series is run by Planet Eclipse Dealer & Service Center Guayaquil Paintball. The put on a great event in Ecuador and for each event they bring in PSP Pro Reff Tony Von Ronne to over see the reffing for the event. This gives them very fair and unbias reffing throughout the whole event. After all was said and done two Planet Eclipse Teams came in 1st place for their respected divisions, Monosalvaje Paintball Team won Division 2 and Guayaquil Paintball Team won Division 5. These 2 teams came out on fire with nothing on their mind but winning and both teams ended up going undefeated for the entire tournament. The effort, team play and concentration with hard training every weekend was the successful formula.

Congratulations to our EMORTAL ARMY PLAYERS!!  Monosalvaje Paintball Team and Guayaquil Paintball Team.

For more information on the EPPL series please visit links below or contact Edmundo at Guayaquil Paintball.