Norwegian Championship 2012

Once again the Norwegian Championship was held at our home field Slagen Paintball. Last year the event was held in September and suffered from heavy rains, so this year we opted for July and the weather was nice all weekend long. Teams turned up to compete in regular 3 man and 5 man xball on Saturday.

3 man played out on the grass field and the xball matches (race to 4)  took place on the turf field. As the year before a specially designed field layout was designed by Tampa Bay Damages coach Paul Richards. The field was very technical and it made for some long tense points.

Once again we fielded two xball teams: Slagen Bandits Gold and Slagen Bandits Silver. With 12 teams in the Elite division it would be a battle to make it to the top.

Slagen Bandits Gold faced off against PB Gear, Mayhem and Dominators Silver. Our first match was against Mayhem and as several times before was an evenly matched affair. In the end we lost 3-2. There was just not enough time on the clock for us to tie it up before time expired.

A frustrating start, but we got it together and beat PB gear 3-1 and Dominators Silver 3-2.

Our opponent in the quarterfinals was Drammen Sabotage, and it turned out to be an overtime loss 3-2. We felt we played better than in Hokksund, but we could probably benefited from breaking out a little bit more conservative in those crucial points on these kind of field layouts. We are probably playing our best paintball on a balanced attacking layout, and we have to adjust better to the more technical and slower layouts.

This season the top six teams are so evenly matched that you have to have the small margins on your side and make the right decisions to have a successful event.

Slagen Bandits Silver started out great with going up 3-0 on Drammen Solid, but then their inexperience showed and Solid came back winning 4-3.  They also lost against Sabotage, but a convincing victory against Kristiansund Oilers was just enough to see them through to the quarterfinals.

Izmir Collision waited in the quarterfinal, and beat Slagen Bandits Silver 4-1. In the end Izmir went on to become the champions beating Solid in the finals.

Final standings:
Results xball NM 2012

1 Izmir Collision
2 Drammen Solid
3 Drammen Sabotage
4 Mayhem Elite
5 Slagen Bandits Gold
6 Slagen Bandits Silver
7 PbGear
8 Dominators
9 Rebels
10 Molde Xtreme
11 Kristiansund Oilers
12 Dominators Silver

Sunday’s competition was regular 5 man and beginners 3 man with pod limit. Slagen Bandits were well represented in all divisions, but it was Slagen Bandits Brown, in the beginners division, who stood out, they took second place in their first tournament ever.

In retrospect the event itself was a great success thanks to the Swedish refs from MASH and the rest of our staff and volunteers. And of course all the 55 teams which helped shape this into a great tournament.

A big thanx to our sponsors: Planet Eclipse, Hybrid Foto, Globe Souldiers, Game-On, Anthrax, Slagen Paintball,, Goldhammer and Dark Sportz