4 games 4 states 4 major awards

We couldn’t believe it either;

4 games 4 states 4 major awards.

Now, that calls for a drink!!

Pub Crawling….where the beer’s always cold and the whisky’s always old.

Fort Knox Paintball in Indiana….we won the Sportsmanship award for agreeing to play for both sides (in order to maintain balance and fairness of play for the whole weekend). We traveled quite a ways to play this field….and you should too! You can’t move 10 feet in any direction on the whole field without coming up on a playable bunker. We played on 25 of their 60 acres and absolutely loved it.

 GRC Paintball in upstate New York….we won the Most Valuable Team award at Viper Paintball’s 24 hour game. This field is a combination of 2 heavily structured villages and an extensive and extreme wooded ravine with thick underbrush. This was a fun field to play and the use of radios here is encouraged.

OSG Paintball in New Hampshire….we won the Most Valuable Team award at this field produced scenario game. What made this game special was the fact that there were 3 sides and the referees and 3 commanders voted on the one team who won the MVT….US! That was an honor. Great owner and friendly staff and a welcoming crowd! OSG all the way.

OXCC Paintball in Maryland…..we won another Sportsmanship award at Viper Paintball’s 24 hour game. This field is well thought out with many distinct individual fields that tie together well to form a great scenario layout. Well worth the trip to play a game there. Great and friendly owners!

Next we’re off to Paintball Charleston in South Carolina to end the 2012 season. We hope we saw you somewhere out there….of course, there’s always next season!