Grid Fighters - The Future Of Paintball?

Gridfighters Champions Crowned!

In an intense season finale, Montreal FX, who shocked critics this season with their on-field intensity and athleticism, came out on top as Gridfighters 2012 Professional Series Champions! 
Montreal FX battled all season, and edged out rivals ‘Toronto Hustle’, a Badlands sponsored team, to take the GFL Pro title. The Semi- Pro division saw Kingston Red Dragons, also a Badlands sponsored team, go undefeated all season, clinching the Semi-Pro Series Title, and earning a coveted Pro spot for 2013.
Gridfighters is a high intensity, fast paced game where teams fight to gain ground and eliminate the opposing teams targets. The field looks like a standard speedball field, with 5 targets on either end, which can only be eliminated from selected offensive areas on the field. Teams start out of 3 starting gates at either end of the field. 10 man squads start with 5 players on the field. Once a player is eliminated they leave the field and another player inserts into the game. The game is divided into four  5minute quarters, of non-stop high intensity paintball action. GFL combines with the Xsports, (, to create an extreme sports spectacle. Whether it’s Paintball, BMX, Skateboarding, or Rock Climbing, there’s something for the whole family to enjoy and this is what makes the GFL so popular with Canadian teams & players.
New for the 2013 season, the GFL Rookie divisions will be introduced to a light version of the Gridfighters format. This division plays 3vs3 and will remain the same, however a 3 target system will be added to the field, and an expanded roster is permitted for 2013. This way more GFL teams can enjoy the exciting Gridfighter format, and teams can progress fluidly and seamlessly through the divisions.
The Gridfighters League is looking stronger than ever for 2013. More teams are signing up every day, and some divisions have already sold out! The X Sports’ will be hosting Gridfighters again next season, and makes its first stop in May 2013, at the Gannanoque recreation center, Ontario.
The GFL owes a huge debt of gratitude to its sponsors; Planet Eclipse, Badlands Paintball and INKA Paintball. Thank-you so much for your ongoing support. Planet Eclipse has already pledged Custom designed Ego13 markers for the winning GFL Pro team in 2013 – an amazing prize!  

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Matt Gregersen, Badlands inc.