Liberty University & Planet Eclipse

Over the past 3 years Planet Eclipse and Liberty University have worked together to help support their school and grow college paintball. 
Liberty University has been a huge supporter of Planet Eclipse and we appreciate everything they have done for us. They are one of the very few colleges to have their own on field  on school property built by the college. We are excited that we have had the opportunity to work with the school and the players, to give them the support that they need to be one of the leading NCPA teams. 

Planet Eclipse and Liberty University just released a custom LU Geo3 for the team to use in the 2013 season, they are the first college team to get their own custom gun to use. "We are very excited to be the first NCPA team to have a custom gun from Planet Eclipse.  We thank them for their continued support of our team and we look forward to winning a National Championship with these amazing guns." Said Todd Hoglund, Liberty University Paintball Coach. 

Planet Eclipse and Liberty University will be working together for many years to come and we appreciate them giving us the opportunity to help and support the team. We would like to wish the team good luck throughout the 2013 NCPA season!! Thanks again for all your support!