Bad Moji 2012

Bad Moji Confirm Eclipse Sponsorship For 2013.
Written by Dave 'Indie' Jones Captain of Bad Moji.

We are pleased to confirm that we have extended our sponsorship deal with Planet Eclipse for the 2013 season.
We will again be donning the excellent Eclipse HDE Jerseys and Pants along with some new gear in the form of the HDE Pod Packs and the wicked accessories that attach via the molle platform on the packs.  (My personal favorite it the compact pod drop bag... simply ingenious!) We will also be taking out the opposition with Etha EMC's, Etek4 Am's, Ego11 and Geo3's.

I have to say we completely love our HDE gear and Eclipse markers. The HDE gives us an initial advantage over the opposition as it blends so well with the environment we play in. The HDE gear is hard wearing, padded in all the right places and has a top quality build to every piece of clothing.  We can’t wait to run with more HDE in 2013 in the shape of HDE headbands and HDE bottle covers. The Etek3’s and newer Etek4’s have been absolutely flawless, not a single issue that wasn’t sorted with a battery change.  We know we have the most advanced markers possible and it gives us a secure feeling, especially when you’re in the thick of it, out gunned and outnumbered, you know you’re going to come out evens, if not better.

Our 2012 season started on a high after being awarded Best Breakthrough Team of 2011.  With this came a new team ethos, Play Hard, Play Fair & Play Lots of Paintball.. We kicked off in a snowy February with D10, a Super6 event up in Nottingham run by Shoreline.  This was a great season opener with the added bonus of Kirsty Ellis (Rage) being a faction leader for the Red side, The Nigerian Militia! The opposition factions were to be made up of the organizers supported teams in the Shoreline Rangers and AUP.  D10 is based on the film District9.  The game went well and we particularly enjoyed the 5 vs 5 speedball tournament where we played 5 games against each opposing factions. We won 5/0 against AUP and narrowly missed out a win against SLR losing 2/3, a great achievement in our first experience of tourney style play. Overall the Humans did a better job than Aliens but the win was marginal and it was a great season opener.

From here we then played the following games :
'Back To The Future' - Game 2 of the Super6 Series at Holmbush run by Shoreline
'Where Paintballers Dare' - A long awaited return to the FIBUA (Fighting In Built Up Area) village at Copehill Down, Salisbury. This game in 2011 was one of the best we had attended and was one of the first games to move in to an Urban environment. Clear paint and close quarter combat in a 360 degree urban war zone, a superb event and location that was organized by Going Postal. A must do game for any paintballer!

'Help For Heroes' - A game run by The Scottish Warriors at the BZ site in Teeside. Kirsty was again asked to run as a faction General and was announced as 'Lara Croft', taking on the opposing general 'Indiana Jones' in a battle for rare items and gold. This was considered a small game with about 200 players overall. Against the odds Kirsty led her side to glory and crowned the artifact victor, an excellent win for the team. We will be signing up for the next game without fail.

Next came Chocolate Factory 2 the 3rd game in the Super6 series up at YPC in Yorkshire. Kirsty again was asked to lead a faction on Willy Wonka's side. We love playing up at YPC, Andy Sables has a great site there, good parking, great staging and Europe's biggest bridge! If you haven't played there it’s a must go site!

Next came The Tippmann Challenge which was a world record breaking event! 600+ tickets sold within 5 minutes, getting them was a mission in itself.. The venue was another FIBUA village in deep Wales, Sennybridge, Home of the SAS training facility! This was a never before attempted 52 hour long scenario game, and boy was it good! We opted to play for the Reds for this game and by day two we had an huge lead on the blues and they couldn't get back in the scoring zone.

Battle of Britain 1.5 followed TCUK, a game we were raring to get our teeth in to. During the build up to the event a competition was launched on Facebook to design a logo which would be printed on the game ball. I had a great idea in the shape of Spitfire planes with mustaches, taken from 2 separate icons of the game build up. The end design was a repetitive pattern of the Spitfires with mustaches which was chosen as the winning design.
The game was rescheduled later in the year as the original event was cancelled due to a hurricane.. True!

The most anticipated game on the 2012 calendar was probably the next event… Planet Eclipses Big Game, Staargate! This was up at Wakefield and run by Shoreline. Staargate is renowned for the player party on the Saturday night and this year was a bit special with the addition of a live band which Ledz organized called 'The Blame' who rocked us well into the early hours and were fantastic! For Staargate Bad Moji were given a special role called The Guns For Hire, led by myself and was one of the first times this was played out in a game. We were considered mercenaries, employed by either red or blue side to try and tip the balance. When called in to action the GFH squad of 17 were marched in to the field under sirens from our personal marshal and once we reached our destination GODE MODE was initiated for up to 1 minute and we had to clear the field of any opposition! This was immense fun  and painful at times. Our greatest satisfaction was hearing later in the day that whenever the GFH squad were en-route to a task players were fleeing from the area in fear of being battered! It was a great game with some added Eclipse special.

Time Wars is a game based on the Dr. Who stories and was the last in the Super6 series which was down at Campaign Paintball in Surrey. This has to be Moji's favorite site!
Brian Thomson was asked to lead the evil faction, Sontarans for this event which went against the grain as we usually played for Torchwood, a good side, which were usually the winning side at Time Wars. For anyone who hasn't been to Campaign Paintball 'Your Missing Out' the site has several game zones which are all totally different, from dense woodland to tranches and even a mock cowboy village called 'Dodge City'.

We always enjoy a good rumble down at Campaign and Time Wars always delivers. Game history shows that the good side has been the dominant force but the evil collective rallied hard and overturned the good side to win the day overall, a great effort by all was put in to secure the victory with some good back up coming from The Army of Fools team.

One of the last big games of the season was Stalingrad down at Bullswood Skirmish. This game has a particular hold over Bad Moji as it was our first ever scenario game.
Stalingrad is known for the awesome enthusiasm that comes from Dan the owner and which echoes through his staff. Dan puts out all the stops for this event, Tanks, epic pyro and realistic Mortars which are fire at least a hundred feet in the air before coming back down on the projected targets.  We always play for the Germans at this event and have a cracking time. The field layout is brilliant with each side often taking control of over half the map before it swings back to the other side’s control.  On the day the German forces were a little more prepared and instructions were relayed quickly and effectively which resulted in the win on the day.

Some of the team were lucky enough to also go to the Big Game in France, Veckring. I have been told many stories about this trip, of antics not to be divulged, let’s just say the game was just part of the trip that split up the time between the madness.  I can say no more on the subject ;)

Overall a good 300+ hours of paintball have been played and a few thousand miles covered by the team, all in the name of paintball!

Our contribution towards UK paintball doesn’t stop there, often designing game banners for various events, designed T-shirts for the players who went to Veckring and we were the winners of the Tippmann Challenge T-shirt competition which saw over 600 people wearing our winning design. We also designed game patches for the Tippmann Challenge and Staargate factions..

Bad Moji are also part of a brand new concept that has never been done before in scenario paintball called SGP.
SGP stands for Scenario Grand Prix and more info can be found on this here :

SGP is a game outside of the game, a chance for every player to participate in all the big games in 2013 for free!

A team based concept where points are won on attendance, being on the winning side and predicted win betting.

It’s a non commercial, nonprofit making concept thought up and devised by players for players.

SGP already has a ton of support from the industry including Ledz himself.

To end the season we were nominated in three categories for the 2012 Annual UK Paintball Awards and walked away with another trophy for the Best Female Player which went to Kirsty Ellis, a great result for the team.

Next year holds more of the same, in fact I think we have more games booked now than we ever have before! We have games in Europe and The UWL to look in to! There are so many great games on the calendar, I’m dreading any conflicting dates!

All year we have been using one of the biggest distributors in the UK, BZ Paintball supplies and for 2013 we are pleased to announce them as additional supporters for the new season.  We are really pleased with BZ, there a great bunch of guys and they deliver every time.

Neil Banks of BZ adds "BZ are delighted to have Bad Moji on board for 2013. We have always had a good relationship anyway, so it is great to finally make it official. They are a great bunch of guys and girls, both on and off the field. Their hard work over the last couple of years is evident to everyone involved in the scene, and it's great to see them rewarded for this with a renewal of their sponsorship with Planet Eclipse. We are proud to be supporting the team and we wish them great success in 2013."

Ledz of Planet Eclipse said “There are only a hand full of Scenario teams around the world that stand out and Bad Moji are one of them, and for all the right reasons! Bad Moji have burst onto the Scenario scene and they party hard and play harder. It’s a pleasure being able to support Bad Moji and I hope the relationship lasts for many years to come…