Blues Crew Sign with Planet Eclipse

Blue's Crew attended the Wayne's World Grand Finale this past weekend and were truly impressed with their new ETHAS and GEO's. "We pulled 15 ETHAS and 2 GEO's out of the box, put air on them and played the way Blue's Crew is known for playing, and that's In Your Face Paintball.

Blue said. "Not only did the Planet Eclipse Markers perform flawlessly, they allowed us to do what we do best without thinking about how our equipment would perform, and that is push back the opposition and regain ground for our side." This in turn earned Blue's Crew the MVT award from the North side general. 

Blue added, "Everyone on Crew was very impressed with the Planet Eclipse Markers and their performance, and this is just the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

Ian 'Jacko' Parsons, President of Planet Eclipse USA said "It's an honour to have the Blues Crew in Planet Eclipse family. The Etha, that most of the guys will be shooting was designed to make every Paintballer better no matter where they play be it the woods or speedball. When we put the ETHA in the hands of the Blues Crew, well, you better keep your head down because they will be coming for you. Everyone at Planet Eclipse welcomes the Blues Crew to the Emortal Army"


  1. It was amazing shooting the Etha. I'm going to order one in Purple for myself. Thank you Eclipse!

  2. When I found out from Blue that Blues Crew was entering into a Marketing Partnership with PE, I was beyond stoked! I've been using Eclipse products for years and have always been impressed by their quality, the durability and performance. LET THE DOMINATION COMMENCE!!

  3. Wow what a great marker. Right out of the box with little adjustment to the trigger for your preference. The best part about this marker is the price for what you get. I have to say Thank you Planet Eclipse for the opportunity to be Marketing Partners. With these new markers out, players will be a force to be reckoned with!!!!! Mathew "Macster" McDonald GO CREW


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