EPPL in Quito

Fresh Back from attending the EPPL Paintball Event in Quito, Equador the weekend of the 24-25 November. The infrastructure was impressive to say the least and the Ecuadorian people were very attentive and into the event.The event was held at Adrenalina Paintball Field located in the suburbs 40 minutes outside of Quito with nearly 40 teams attending the event. All the teams were locals to the country in exception of Tsunami ,which is a mix of Ecuadorian and Colombian paintball players and a Planet Eclipse sponsored team.

Guayaquil Paintball and Quito Woodsball have been doing a great job teching within Equador this season so tech support was hardly needed. Guayaquil Paintball and Quito Woodsball set up multiple Planet Eclipse Tents and set up a really nice sales booth with the Tech Support added to one side of the booth.Spectators were treated with an Etha fully setup with an EMC kit,Red Dot Scope,APEX Barrel,and Retractable Stock that they could pick up and get a feel for her in all her glory. All in all the event went without a hitch.The growth really showed with all the new teams coming up in the different regions in Ecuador.

Well Done to all of the Planet Eclipse teams at the event.

Planet Eclipse Teams in Finals:

Division2:                 Division3:                   Division4:             Division5:
3rd- Monosalvaje      3rd- Monosalvaje(jr.)     4th- Tsunami(jr)     1st- Iguana