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Saturday, 31 March 2012

LOD take the CSP - Argentina

On the weekend of March 17 came the first CSP event in Argentina for the year. It was a 2 day event with 25 teams attending from all nearby countries. Teams came all the way from Chile, Brazil, Peru and Argentina. It was a great turn out for the first event with many talented teams.

The CSP has also brought in the APPA for the 2012 season. Its giving the league a more formal ranking system and also helps legitimize the tournament scene in Argentina.

There was 3 divisions in the CSP where the 25 teams competed against each other. The top division, which was Open, had a 1st place prize of $2000. Planet Eclipse Sponsored Team, LOD, fought hard all day and came up strong in the end with the 1st place finish. Last year the team finished 1st place in the same event but they were only in the Amateur division and now have moved up to the highest division in the series. Team LODs 2nd team played in the beginner division. This is a newly formed team consisting of new players using Etek's and Etha's. For their first tournament ever they came home with a 3rd place finish.

It was a great event in Argentina and Planet Eclipse sponsored teams came off strong once again. Its another great way to start off the season!!

Cristian, Captain from Team LOD, had to say "Team LOD would like to thank all our sponsors and especially Planet Eclipse for providing us with great markers and gear to use for the past 3 seasons. The reliability of these markers is hands down the best we have ever seen as a team. We look forward to a great 2012 season!!"

Thanks to Nacho Di Bella for the pictures. Check more out on

Friday, 30 March 2012

3rd EBay Auction Up for 20th Anniversary Marker Set

3rd Auction is now LIVE...

Bid Starting at only $1

Happy Bidding.

Item Number: 260991909238



Paintball Hits PAX East

Paintball hits PAX East Courtesy of Boston Paintball
In a breakthrough move, Boston Paintball has infiltrated the PAX East event April 6th - 8th at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and along with Planet Eclipse will be presenting paintball to the masses.  With a retail store, shooting booth and giveaways sure to draw crowds all weekend long - Boston Paintball will be handing the Etha to any and everyone willing to take a shot - and what better way to get introduced to the sport than with one of the most sought after guns on the ....Planet.  If you are one of the lucky few hundred-thousand to be attending the event - make sure you stop by the Boston Paintball booth located next to the EA / Funcom booth - bring your friends and family by too - and maybe you'll score one of the 500 Emortal DVD's that will be given away!

500 FREE @ PAX East

Thursday, 29 March 2012

SIDS Awareness Tournament

Hello My Name Is Joey Phlipot. On May 3, 2011 My Son Landen Was Born. A Little Less Than 3 Months Old He Passed In His Sleep Due To SIDS.

SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. is a great site to find out any other information that you would need to know. One of the main problems is that there is no known reason why this happens. There's no cure and many different cases and reasons on how babies pass away. This is something I hope no one has to ever deal with, but paintball is something that helps keep my mind straight. The paintball community has helped me in many ways in coping with the loss. Thanks especially to ASMC and Da Luxe Mob

For more details and up to date prize fund please visit PBNation on this link:

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

We’re Drinking Again….2012

By Pub Crawling....

It’s hard to believe, but the 2012 season is already 2 games old, and by the time you read this it will be 3 games old! We started the season in Fayetteville Tennessee, at Bearclaw paintball with the fantastic production company MPP (millennium paintball productions) and their head duo; Ben and Bonnie Torricelli.
Now sometimes we get some grief for not attending the Friday night player’s party, this was no exception. Instead we chose to attend a private party thrown by 2 of our teammates, UmBop and Whitey. This was not an ordinary party, this was a Southern Crawfish Boil…and we spent the evening peeling and eating over 80 pounds of crawfish, boiled potatoes, and corn on the cob; hopefully that explains our decision to not attend the player party. It should be noted that sometimes we do go, but just not all the time.

The game was excellent, as usual, but and I do mean but….we were reminded of what a good old fashioned butt kicking feels like. I’m here to tell you, that it sucks. LOL. Regardless, a good time was had by all and we are well aware that in all paintball games; someone wins and someone loses. We lost. But we walked away with a executive officer award (give to MJ, who filled in as second in command a various points in the game) and a General’s special service award (kind of like the little brother to the MVT award…think Etek to Ego…pretty damn good no matter how you slice it).

Of course a lucky player got to dance cheek to cheek with MJ and won a sweet package of SWAG donated by Planet Eclipse and Procaps! Those guys are great.

The second game of the season was played at Poco Loco Paintball, located just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Another great event, put on by the guys at TSSOC paintball. This game we focused on introducing 5/6 new players to the game and made sure they had fun…after all without new players our sport is screwed! It seemed clear to us that these new players had a blast because they all played until the final whistle.

The end result of the game was close loss by our side, but an absolute win for paintball! And Pub Crawling took home the MOFO (most formidable opponent award) from the opposing general (in our opinion this is the best award to win, as it is awarded by the enemy for what they believe was the best of their enemy).

Soon we are off to South Carolina…..we hope the beer’s cold and whisky’s old. Be sure to follow Pub Crawling at:

Monday, 26 March 2012

Vicious win UWL in Georgia

On March 18th, VICIOUS beat out Team Xtreme to win the UWL event at Low Country Paintball in Georgia. This is the first pro win for Vicious in the 2012 season and a great way to start the year. Vicious team looks forward to participating in the Nebraska UWL event in July and Chicago UWL in September to hopefully bring home a back to back National Series UWL Championship.

Open Division

1st Vicious
2nd Xtreme

Tactical Division:

1st Annihilators
2nd FTF

More info on the UWL here:

Thursday, 22 March 2012

ETHA - EMC ....Coming Soon !

Prophecy Paintball Team at the LXN

The 17th and 18th of March was a weekend that PROPHECY Paintball Team will not forget.

On this weekend we officially started the 2012 competition season at the 1st edition of the LXN event in the city of Porto.

Since the beginning of February we have been doing some training with guidance of our Coach Jose Antonio Otero (Jota Apd) with the objective of preparing the team for the Millennium Series Event that we will play in Div.1 and the Portuguese National Tournament.

Coach Jose Antonio Otero
The training is good the team is getting strong, but with the Millennium in our minds we decided that we should put the team to a test before going to St.Tropez-Cannes [France], so to Porto we went (300klm travel) with a schedule all planned out, Saturday was practice and Sunday the LXN event.

We decided to enter this event with several objectives in mind, study, train and play at a field with the Millennium layout, start using the tactics that our coach wanted us to start using in real events besides training, play against different teams so we could actually see where we needed to improve and getting the team in competition mode before the Millennium Series.

So on Saturday we did the training that our Coach prepared for us and got the opportunity to walk the field to see every detail.  At this event we had to play against teams that have a lot of experience, teams that are aggressive, teams that really are defensive and teams with not so much experience but that we never know what to expect.

Sunday…we got to the field earlier to prepare everything, we were the first team to play. The first game was a real test because we were playing a very experience team with very aggressive players… we won that first game 3-0. The second game was, again, against a very experience team but this time with players that really think their game thru, this team got the chance to see our first game so they would be a more difficult opponent for sure, and they were, the game got to a 2-2 point game and the last point due to some errors we were given two penalties and we got in the last game point with only 3 players against 5… we won 3-2 :-) The third game was against a team with less experience, but a team that we never know what to expect from them, it ended to be an easy game where our coach got the chance to test his most crazy tactics… we won that game 3-1.

Lunch time and we got here with 3 victories, so now we could stop and think about some things…
G.I.Sportz Paintballs – the paint was EXCELLENT it gave us a lot of confidence. In every single game we were doing G1, G2 on the break, we did not had a single problem with paint all day and it was a day that was changing constantly from heat to rain.

Planet Eclipse Geo 2.1 – Our team is shooting with Planet eclipse Geo 2.1 and we could not be happier, again, not a single problem during the entire day.
That all together gave us a boost because this was an event where every brand of paint was represented, and G.I.Sportz paint was by far the best paint on the event!

From here our coach, like at the end of every game talked to us and asked us to put another gear in our game because now we wanted to end this event with 1st place.

On the afternoon our first game was against a team that was a mixture of aggressive players and experience players, it ended to be a good game for us… we won 3-1.

Final and last game…
  We got here only with victories, we were playing good, people that were watching the event were enjoying our games, the team couldn’t be happier…We played the final against a team that did not give us much work, we won 3-0.

At the end of the day what we were supposed to do we did and we got even more from it, good training for the Millennium Series, as a team we got even more together, we are following the plans that our coach has for us, the support our team had was good, now its better, and we are dedicated to keep running like this, thru this difficult year that we have ahead of us.

Sponsors - To Planet Eclipse thanks for the amazing Geo 2.1, they are crazy good, to G.I. Sportz paintballs we could not be more thankful because the paint is just amazing and gave us a huge advantage over the rest. Thanks to Adrenalicia (APD), Jorge Sá Madeiras, to Frostline and Dream Team clothing.

To my team mates David Mendonça, Pedro Graça, Alex Gomes, João Lima, Nuno Roxo, Jorge Sá and João Teles… I love you guys. To our coach Jose Antonio Otero (Jota Apd) a special thanks for your unconditional support and faith in us.

Ricardo Melo
Prophecy #18

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From everyone here at Planet Eclipse.... Well Done !!!

Emortal Army is already strong in 2012 !!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Supremacy Did It Again!!!

On March 4 2012 was the first event of PRPBE "Puerto Rico Paintball Events”. This event received more that 10 teams from Puerto Rico, and Supremacy was one of them. Supremacy took 1st  Place at The Pre Christmas 5Man Challenge 2011 in December and was ready for this event with the same intention to take 1st place. This time the team moved up a division and played D4 but with the same results as last event they came home with 1st place. The team has rebuilt themselves from the end of last year and already have 2 first place finishes. You cant ask for anything more from a new team. Should be a great year for Team Supremacy!!

Thanks to our sponsors: Planet Eclipse, Pbgotcha, Ultimate Sportz, & Ozmio

First Place: Supremacy @ The 5Man Challenge 1.0 March 2012 By: PRPBE 

First Place: Supremacy @ The Pre Christmas 5Man Challenge December 2011 By:

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Thanks to for the Pictures !!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Black Karma - Season Opener

After a short mild winter in the deep south, Black Karma was more than ready to get a jump start on our 2012 paintball season.  While much of the country had snow and frigid temps to begin their season, we were quite comfortable in the mid 60's. MPP Game's Apocalypse 2012 was our first game of the year at Bear Claw Paintball in Fayetteville, Tennessee and this game packed all the suspense and uncertainty as the ending of the Mayan calendar later this year.

The Mayan calendar has long been the subject of folk lore.  Does the end of the calendar mark the end of the world as we know it, merely the end of the 13th baktun or did the Mayans just get tired of making a calendar?  More importantly, do we need to buy Christmas presents this year if the world ends before Christmas?  The Apocalypse 2012 game was set after the fall of civilization with the New Earth Order (NEO) planning on enslaving the rest of the Natives to build a future for the rest of the human race. However, the Natives decided to flip the script and not say uncle making this game play out like the Thunderdome with two sides entering and only one surviving to lead the human race.  

Black Karma was part of the New Earth Order aiming to ensure the future was as we intended.  Our general very generously tasked us with a special (read that as suicide) mission at game on: run right into the heart of the Native team and give them a few headaches.  Everything was great until we ran into what we thought was an orange fog but it just turned out to be the entire opposing team all shooting at us in unison.  Luckily, we all thought it was quite funny and the weekend only got better from there.  Everywhere we turned we were able to find a good fight.  The Natives would scratch and claw their way to the front door of our base to have us push them back to their own doorstep.  It was a constant back and forth all weekend long. As the skirmish line moved back and forth all weekend, teams were running side missions and scoring points for various props.  The props for this game were inventive and spanned the universe.  There were alien’s embryos hidden on the field as well as vials of Hanta virus. Other props were some of the most realistic paintball props we had ever seen and we were sure the FBI or ATF stopped to chat with the Bear Claw staff a few times. 

After all the fighting was done and all the mission points counted, the Natives defeated the NEO, for now.  They may have beaten us this weekend but the war definitely did not end.  We will survive more adversity than bacteria and cockroaches combined.  The NEO will one day rectify this day!  Black Karma was honored to be awarded a Most Valuable Team Award from the NEO Team.  A few of our Black Karma teammates received individual awards at this game.  Chrissi 'Leadfoot' Dees was awarded an XO Award.  Blake 'Web' Weber was awarded Most Valuable Player.  For some reason, one of our newest teammates decided to ref this game.  However, Bruce 'Sarcasm' Freemon, was awarded Best Ref by both teams.  We still can't understand why he wanted to ref....

Not only was this game our first of the year, it was also our first game with our new Ethas.  I had planned on using my Etha a while and then loaning it out for people to try.  After the first few missions, I changed my mind and I could not put my Etha down.  The Etha performed great all weekend and I never had an issue out of it.  Hopefully next game I'll be able to let others try it but I make no promises!  We'll be heading to SPG Paintball in Rome, GA for their spring Flag Wars game so come on out and check out the Etha. 

Be sure and check out our Facebook page ( and our website (

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Nicky T hits Badlands......

 Nicky T on Tour !!!

Hot on the heels of the Paintball Extravaganza in Washington DC, I was back on the road again, this time to visit  the Eclipse Distributor for Canada, Badlands Paintball, who were running an invite only Dealer weekend for their customers held at their headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. Dealers present were invited to take part in tech courses run by Eric Bratten of Tiberius Arms and myself handling everything Planet Eclipse. Arriving in Toronto Airport I was met by none other than Owen Ronayne, complete with his company car for the weekend; a 'deluxe' people carrier that was ideally suited to ferrying dealers around all weekend! Once I'd guided Owen to the correct terminal we hit the road and after a brief stop at one of Badlands location to pick up some supplies for the weekend, headed straight for HQ to ensure that everything was ready for the dealers imminent arrival.

Eric had flown in the previous night from Indiana, so was already accustomed to hearing "'eh" at the end of every sentence and together with Trevor Moss, the President of Badlands, were busy acquainting himself with the circular binding machine - but that’s a whole other story! Safe in the knowledge that our class room was prepped and that the latest Eclipse products were on display in Owen's Dealer Day Sales room, we headed back to the hotel for dinner and a chat. If you ever need to book a hotel in the Toronto area then Owen is the man to speak to as the Marriott Courtyard was superb; great food, good bar and excellent staff - definitely gets the Eclipse seal of approval from me!

Friday night featured a three course sit down meal with all of the dealers, courtesy of Tiberius Arms. The opportunity to socialise with customers was invaluable as it often gave them to opportunity to provide feedback that they wouldn't necessarily pass on in a classroom scenario. It's always of interest to get feedback of not only what customers feel we could do better, but also the aspects of the company and products that they like and want us to retain in future product lines. One of the major lures for dealers to attend this event were the "sales specials" that Owen was running including mixed pallets of Inka paint, Tiberius packages, Eclipse packages and start-up packages of Badlands very own line of Petrol products. Having spoken to all of the dealers in attendance, the majority of them took advantage of the specials and consequently are all set to start 2012 off on the right foot!

The Eclipse tech classes went down a treat with dealers getting hands on experience with both the Eclipse Etek and the new Eclipse Etha, before being tested on both platforms in order to become Certified Approved Tech Centres. I'm pleased to say that there was a 100% success rate even though this was the first time that some of the students has seen either marker! I am therefore very pleased to announce that the following Dealers are up to speed on both the Etek and Etha, so if you're local to them don't hesitate to drop them a line and pick their brains:

Badlands Paintball, Chris Salisbury,
Badlands Paintball, James Meehan,
Badlands Paintball, Jayce Gould
Badlands Paintball, Michael Mason,
Impact Proshop, Patrick Giroux,
Soldier Gear, Kumar Misir,
Soldier Gear, Ashton Misir,
Paintball 68, Christopher St Jean,
Splatter Paintball, Kalan Quintal,
Splatter Paintball, Danny Mazerolle,
Ripple Industries, Dallas Kennedy,
Splashdown Paintball, Michele Gagne,
Splashdown Paintball, Quinton Gagne
Allegiance Paintball, David Oger
Allegiance Paintball, Dustin Brown,
Tactical Sports, Mathieu Mac Adam,
Sycosis Paintball Supply, Sy Snyder,
Sycosis Paintball Supply, Dillon Gervais,
Barnsey Paintball, David Barnes,
Barnsey Paintball, Nathan Loisel
Adrenaline Paintball, Jamie Finnemore
Wasaga Beach Paintball Adventure, Larry Brownridge
Wasaga Beach Paintball Adventure, Chris “Taco” Vincent,
Frontline Paintball, Travis Pinsent,
Splatters Paintball, Evan Schroeder,
Splatters Paintball, Tyler Warkentin,

After the class, dealers were treated to a piece of Eclipse history when Trevor kindly showed off his 20th Anniversary Eclipse set of markers, which he had received only a couple of days previously and was one of only two sets in the entire continent of North America! Suffice to say that the room fell silent and many couldn't believe that they had the opportunity to get within touching distance of what is the most limited and expensive production marker set we have ever produced.

Flying home later on Sunday afforded me the luxury of a tour of downtown Toronto in Owens 1960's Corvair, taking in the sights and sounds of the world's newest "Mega City" with a population of over 10 million! After sampling Brunch at the excellent  Four Seasons Hotel, it was off to the airport to await the iron bird home. Thanks to Owen and Trevor, who's hospitality was as always first rate and thanks also to the dealers who made the effort to attend a very enjoyable weekend in Toronto.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

MSXL Announce Prize Fund

Event Prizes

D3 RaceTo 4
1st $1000, Event Plaque, 15 cases Event Paint* Event T's
2nd 1/2 off next event, Plaque, 10 cases*
3rd Plaque, 5 cases*

D4 RaceTo 4
1st Full Entry next event, Plaque, 15 cases* Event T's
2nd 1/2 Off next event, Plaque, 10 cases*
3rd Plaque, 5 cases*

D4 RaceTo 2
1st Full Entry next event, Plaque, 15 cases* Event T's
2nd 1/2 Off next event, Plaque, 10 cases*
3rd Plaque, 5 cases*

50% Entry to Winner, Event T's, Plaque

Series Prizes
RaceTo 4  - D3 & D4 Division
Divisional Champions Free Entry To World Cup, 25 Cases of paint* & $500 in Planet Eclipse Vouchers redeemable at the Planet Eclipse tent at World Cup towards new gear.
Runner Up 1/2 Off Cup Entry

RaceTo 2
Divisional Champions Free Entry To World Cup, 15 Cases of paint* $500 in DYE $$$ redeemable at the DYE tent at World Cup towards new gear.
Runner Up 1/2 Off Cup Entry

*Podium Paint Prize Pkg. is based on participation. You must shoot Event Paint supplied by Event Title Sponsor exclusively to qualify. Check with Empire and DXS for additional incentives and requirements. MSXL Events does not handle any product sales other than event T's.

Enjoy The Season!!! Good luck to all the teams!!!

Thank You for playing MSXL Events

Millennium CPL (PRO) Draw

CPL (Pro) Draw for the first leg of the 2012 Millennium Series in St Tropex, France:

Group A:
Art Chaos
London Nexus
Copenhagen Ducks
Rangers Warsaw

Group B:
San Diego Dynasty
Frankfurt Syndicate
Gi Sportz Montreal
Lisbon Benefica

Group C:
Ton Tons
Breakout Spa
Amsterdam Heat
Birmingha Disruption

Group D:
Marseille Icon
Outrage Valance
Ramstein Instinct
Paris Camp Carnage

Tech Room - ETHA

At Planet Eclipse we will always try and be everywhere we can to support our customers but it’s always nice to have a little bit of knowledge on your own marker of choice. We have not made any maintenance videos for a while so here is our first ETHA maintenance video.. More Coming Soon.

Subscribe to the Tech Room Channel here... CLICK ME !!!

If there are any certain elements that you would like us to cover in this type of video please let us know..

We have also received a few good video’s from Germany on ETHA maintenance… Great if you understand German! Thanks to PhilDeluxe2k8 for making the video’s… Subscribe to his Youtube Channel Here…. CLICK ME !