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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Playing ‘Ball for a Good Cause

Playing ‘Ball for a Good Cause

By Jason “foolybear” Lineberger

Pictures by David Wooden

William “Willie” Stewart, a 25-year-old tournament paintball player and US soldier, was seriously injured on the first of July in Afghanistan in an IED attack while serving as a vehicle gunner.  Willie faces a long recovery, and his parents must shoulder the costs of travel in order to support him while he heals from his injuries.  To give back to a soldier who gave of his own time at his local paintball field and store, Black River’s Fayetteville field held an event in Willie’s honor, with a portion of the proceeds going to the soldier’s family.  Additionally, Matt Sossoman, of professional team Vicious, promoted a raffle of a Vicious UWL jersey to raise additional funds.

The field itself is a rec’ player’s dream.  Built on a former water park, Black River’s Fayetteville location compresses a variety of terrain into a manageable space.  The field’s crew took 30 feet off the hill that once held the water slides, and they built a fort on the leveled top.  The surrounding area is packed with bunkers, several two-story forts, and some CQB buildings.  They have a wooded area that they’ve recently added, and the old go-kart tracks that wrapped the former park make moving from area to area a breeze.  With so many bunkers and buildings, the place is stuffed with angles and possible moves.

The vibe at Black River felt like a reunion.  Teams like Boss Company and Lost Boys, along with a smattering of tournament shooters, mixed with walk-on rec ‘ballers and a small mil-sim squad.  Later in the day a young birthday group even joined in the action.  Loosely based on the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the game offered participants missions ranging from standard base defense ones to prop collection.  While the props were impressive (real metal swords for instance), the teams mostly concentrated on pushing towards each other’s bases and fighting it out through the buildings and up the steep sides of the hill.

Foolybear on the Frontlines

I had a blast in the morning, gunning for the Red side (the dark forces of Mordor), but with members of Capital Offense and Boss Company shooting in the same direction, we eventually forced the Blue team into their base and kept them there for much of the morning.  After the lunch break, Brian Radford (PSP referee and member of team Capital Offense) and I switched sides to help the Blue team to fight their way out of their base.  We joined up with Sossoman and spearheaded a push up the hill to take the base overlooking most of the field.  While Sossoman and Radford continued driving down hill and into the field’s center, I broke away and made a slow creep through the woods before coming up behind a deserted fort in Blue territory.  The immediate threat of two paintball gunners from Vicious and Capital Offense was enough to hold the attention of the Blue team, and they never saw me there until too late.  Our two pronged attacked caved in Blue’s lines, but time expired before we could drive them all the way back to their base.

In the end the jersey raffle raised over $2600 for Willie Stewart’s family, which is much more important than any game scores.  They players got an action-packed day of paintball on a unique field, and a group of young players can now brag that they shot it up with a pro.  Good times.

To see more pictures from this game, go to David Wooden’s Photobucket page for this event.

The ETHA Tour Continues

The players who “test drove” the ETHA at Black River came back with overwhelmingly positive reviews.  Just check out my game schedule to know where to find me.  I’ll be glad to put an ETHA in your hand to run a mission or blast through a final battle.  I’ve added new games in September and October!  Follow me on Twitter for all the latest - @foolybear.

Cap it off !!



Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Help for Hero's

The auction for Help the Hero's set of 20th Anniversary Planet Eclipse Markers has finished and the money has now been paid to H4H.

We are all so happy that Planet Eclipse can give this money to such a great cause.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Paintball 2Xtreme is BACK !!!!

One of the most successful and widely read magazines in paintball history is back after a three year hiatus. Paintball 2Xtremes is back with its 2012 Special “Photo Edition.” This issue features 28 years of the best photos by the best photographers in paintball. While the majority of the photos in this issue are from the past ten years, there are more than 50 amazing shots from the 80s and 90s that tell a piece of the game of paintball’s history.

The Paintball 2Xtremes  Re-Launch Special Photo Edition features “In Their Own Words,” a 75-page photo spread chosen by the photographers themselves. Each photo iside-by-side with a text written by the photographers. “Breaking Paint,”  “Objects In Motion,” “Scenario, Woodsball & Milsim,” "At Close Range,” and “Paintball History in Photos” round out this 158-page issue.

The Paintball 2Xtremes Re-Launch Special Photo Edition is available to read live at for a cost of $2.99 and it is also available as a print-on-demand paper issue. “Our relaunch Photo Edition is more of a digital paintball coffee table book than your typical magazine. It’s a keepsake issue with 28 years of paintball photos and memories—and the images are absolutely spectacular.  Plus there are no ads to continue with that coffee table book theme,” John Amodea, the magazine’s editor stated. “We sifted through 765,000 photos and chose the best of the best for this issue,” he continued.

PaintballX3 LLC and Paintball 2Xtremes are also excited to announce the launch of their new collaborated paintball photo-site which features hundreds of thousands of paintball photos, categorized by team and event and available for your viewing, downloading, and printing pleasure. The new photo-site can be found at Although the site is several hundred thousand images strong right now, it is still a work in progress as images are being added daily. From this site a player from a team who played in 2001 can have a poster or photo of his heroics.

“Owning the X since 1994.”


About PaintballX3 LLC: Paintball X3 Magazine was founded by John Amodea, a 20-year member of the paintball industry with 27 years of paintball experience. Most recently John was the executive editor of Paintball 2Xtremes Magazine, he co-founded Pev's Paintball, has been a paintball field owner and is a former professional paintball player. Paintball X3 Magazine is 100 percent independent and is not affiliated to any paintball manufacturer, distributor, store or field.

About Paintball 2Xtremes: Paintball 2Xtremes (PB2X) is published by PaintballX3 LLC. PB2X Magazine will be published quarterly as four special edition magazines per year, available as a digital flipbook magazine, with a print on demand option for those that prefer paper over digital. PB2X Magazine will carry no ads and there will be a nominal $2.99 fee to read the magazine. You can sample the first 28 pages of each issue at no charge.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Friday Fun !!!

A little bit of Friday fun for everyone today…

The first one only works for UK addresses, but if you want a glimpse of where Planet Eclipse is located click this link below and type in the post code: M17 1GA Great viral advert from BA. 

The next bit of fun is this little video compilation sent to me from my parents, just some amazing feats of skill that put a smile on my face. PEOPLE ARE AWESOME

 Have a great weekend everyone....


The Friendship Cup

Hello everybody!

PROpaintball company would like to invite you and your team to participate in the 2nd Tournament series of “The Friendship Cup ” which will take place:-
Ukraine, Kiev, Leisure Center X-Park at the field of PRO ARENA.

Date of tournament:

8-9 September 2012.
PROpaintball company has made a unique paintball center “PRO ARENA”, which have no equals in Ukraine!

Our playground has a lot of advantages, such as:
·Special artificial cover which is similar to “Millennium” field;
·Equipped zone for teams with its general area 300 sq.m
·Equipped pit-zone for 4 teams;
·Illumination for the field via 12 projectors, with general power 4800 watt;
·Zone for verbal assistance from the side of the snake;
·Shower/baths for players.
Spectators and players are also able to spent their free time at the X-Park, you can find there: pubs, restaurants, wakeboards, ability to rent bicycle or quad bike, trampoline and many other entertainments.

Plan of X-Park you can see on:

Competition are lead under the x-ball version in 2 divisions:

1st Division
- format 4V (till 4- wins; 10 minutes game plus 2 minutes break);
- limit 16 teams
2nd Division
- format 4V (till 4- wins; 10 minutes game plus 2 minutes break);
- limit 16 teams
4 pit-zones
Judging is conducted by rules of Millenium 2012 (adpted)
Entry fee:
1st Division – 200$
2nd Division – 200$
For “brotherhood” teams - 50% discount
All teams play with organizer paintballs.
Prices from 40-55$
Arbiter – Maxim Cherkasov (Ukraine)
Judging panel – national team of Ukraine
Tech support:
Aleks Ignatov (—Āertificated specialist)
Teams will awarded with medals, cups
The last day for registration of team – one day before the tournament
Final registration will be only after payment of entry fee.

Information at Ukrainian paintball web-resources:
Information at Russian paintball forum:

Contacts of organizer:
Stanislav Malieiev
cell.: +38 (050) 331-38-34 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +38 (050) 331-38-34 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Vlada Liashchenko
cell.: +38 (067) 340-70-50 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +38 (067) 340-70-50 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Skype: Vlada PROpaintball

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Brew City 3-Man September 9th 2012

 Brew City Paintball 3 man PSP Tournament 
 Sponsored by Planet Eclipse

Sunday, September 9th at 10 A.M.

Brew City Paintball, 21875 Doral Rd. Waukesha, WI

Bring your 3 man team (Division 3, 4, and unranked players only please) or sign up as an individual player and we will get you on a team!

Details: Entry is $100 for a full team of 3 or $33.33 for free agents.

We will give back 100% of the entry fees we collect in prizes! Prizes will be Planet Eclipse gift certificates redeemable for anything Planet Eclipse makes!

1st place prize 60% of total money collected
2nd place prize 25% of total money collected
3rd place prize 15% of total money collected

Doors open at 9AM, captains meeting at 10AM, games to follow shortly. We will have 2 brackets (alternating games between brackets this time) and take the scores from the top half of each bracket to move onto the next round where we have another round robin and take the top half to the finals. We will have a race to 2 for the final winners between 1st and 2nd place.

30 points for clean flag hang
15 points for first flag pull
5 points for each LIVE PLAYER on your team


2 for one's on any not obvious hit ( hopper pack etc...) no point penalty.

20 point penalty for playing on AND we pull an extra player.

10 point penalty for hot gun

Format: 3 man modified PSP, NO COACHING, 12.5 bps capped ramping or semi auto, 300 FPS, Division 3 or lower ONLY! We will be checking rosters through APPA so please don't sign up if you are in D2, pro, etc...Also-we will not have any Brew City Employees playing in this event or any of the Brew City Factory team members playing.

We are really getting good at this so be sure to get in on the action!!! Our last one was awesome and this one will be even better!!

Sign Up HERE!!

Brew City Paintball
21875 Doral Road
Waukesha, WI 53186

By phone: 262-754-8844

Yeeessss... Stolen Marker Found.

Amazing story, makes me sick when people get there stuff stolen... So glad this one got back to the owner, but what a story, makes you think doesn't it?



A man searching the Internet stumbled across his stolen paintball gun and was shocked when he  found out who was selling it.

When Jan Michael Matos-Reyes' $1,200 paintball gun and gear disappeared from a Brevard County paintball field, he was persistent about trying to get it back.

Read More Here: 


Saturday, 18 August 2012

Staargate vs Rome - Planet Eclipse Big Game - E-Mag

Australian Super 7's Video & Winner !!!

Planet Eclipew shooting teams won both the Pro and Semi Pro divisions last weekend at the Australian Super 7s.

Sydney SWAT in the Pro division, who are sitting on two firsts and a second and a leading the series with only the Masters in November to go and Sydney Cynicate in winning the Semi Pro division. wrapping up the Pro and Semi pro brackets nicely....

Well Done Guys.

Friday, 17 August 2012

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

With the end of a hot summer in sight, many American paintballers are looking forward to packed fall game schedules.  While scenario paintball continues in the summer, the pace and intensity and size of the events decrease.  It can be hard to find players willing to brave sometimes triple digit temperatures to play a game that requires wearing a mask, but that doesn’t mean that paintball dies out in the summer months; it just takes a little rest and waits for the cooler fall weather.
Nonetheless, I’ve donned the camouflage a few times this summer, for some memorable experiences, and as we’re approaching back-to-school time, I thought I’d write a report on how I spent my summer vacation.

Shadow Wars

Command Decisions Wargames Center puts on an event in May that wraps up the spring calendar and gives teams a chance to test out some strategy before their marquee event in the fall – the Fulda Gap Mega Game.  After retiring a long, successful series of scenarios based around the Vietnam War, the staff at CDWC shifted gears to the invasion of Grenada in the first of a new series titled Shadow Wars.  The teams that attended got exactly what they’ve come to expect  – professionally run paintball intensity on an excellent field.  The layout guarantees mass charges, intense shoot outs, close quarters battles in their simulated urban areas, and long stealth flanking moves through the woods.  Throw in some tanks and what’s not to like?  It’s a woodsballer’s dream.  My daughter, who the paintball  community has affectionately taken to calling “foolycub,” attended this game with me, and there’s hardly anything that touch a long-time scenario player’s heart like seeing his daughter starting to gain a real sense for the game.

Paintball Camp

Once again I got a chance to put on my teacher’s hat (mask?) this summer as the instructor for Line-of-Fire’s summer paintball camp.  The three-day camp featured games, drills, individual instruction, and almost non-stop paintball.  The group of campers this year was especially great, especially considering the diverse range of skills and experiences they brought with them.  The oldest camper was more than twice the age of the youngest!  Some of the players had spots on x-ball teams, while others had hardly played the game before.  What they all brought to the table was a desire to improve and a willingness to dive into any game or drill, and that motivation paid dividends by the end of camp.

On the final morning, my Capital Offense teammate and PSP referee Brian Radford made a guest appearance to work with the campers on some of the more technical aspects of competitive paintball, and following some intense one-on-ones, we capped off the camp with a massive water balloon battle in the middle of Line-of-Fire’s paintball city field.  (If only getting bunkered always felt that refreshing.)  Planet Eclipse one again generously sponsored the camp experience with some amazing prizes each day; by the end of the camp the participants were decked out in Eclipse gear and ready to take on the world.

Teachers get Schooled

I finished out my summer vacation in a unique day at the field.  Like almost all paintballers, I work outside the industry to earn my living.  This summer, I took on a job that allowed me to spend a week with an amazing group of energetic teachers looking to hone their classroom skills and make a difference to their students.  I was tasked with planning a day’s worth of activities that would pull them together as a team and sharpen their abilities to make quick decisions while under pressure.  Of course I took them for a day of paintball!

After some basic gear and safety instruction, I took my newly-created teams to the woods for some old school capture-the-flag.  They broke up into smaller squads, and after teaching them some rudimentary squad tactics, I blew the horn and stood back to view the carnage.  What amazed me was how quickly they picked up on the importance of communication and field awareness.  By our third game these teachers no longer looked like paintball newbies, so I took them to the urban field where they played Center Control.  In this game, both teams set their sights on a cone in the center of the field.  Tagging the cone gains control for one side, but all it takes is a touch from the other team to swing control, and the team owning the field  at the end of the time limit wins the game.  I threw in the ability for eliminated players to return to their starting stations to rejuvenate, thus ensuring non-stop action.  As the final seconds wound down, both teams coordinated runners to dash for the cone under a hail of covering fire in a thrilling finale.

Of course I had to take them all on in a game of attack-and-defend where I was the lone attacker against the entire group in a three-story fort, and getting to school the teachers was fun, but not as fun as hearing them tell their war stories and show off their bruises on the ride away from the field.

Looking to the Fall

A 24-hour scenario, paintball camp, and teamwork with teachers – with an amazing summer behind me, I’m looking forward to more of the typical paintball adventures in the fall.  I’m considering adding more games to my calendar, such as a paintball trip to Adventure Beach in September.  I can’t wait for Game of Thrones at Bear Claw in October, Fulda Gap in November, and the wacky fun of Santa Vs. The Grinch in December.  As I have been doing all year, I’m shooting the ETHA at every event, and I’m carrying two spares to loan out to anyone interested in taking that beast for a test-drive.  Want to reserve a chance to shoot the ETHA?  Hit me up on Twitter (@foolybear)!

- Jason "foolybear" Lineberger

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Viper Scenario Game - RED STRIKE Aug 25th & 26th

PBX3 August 2012 Issue OUT NOW, FREE HERE !!

The new issue of PaintballX3 Magazine is live & Free. The issue features 24 pages of PSP Mid Atlantic Open Coverage, A Special "Paintball in Asia" section, D-League Event #3 coverage, New Products, Reviews, Interview with Junior Brown, and a feature on the feature film "Soldiers of Paint," the documentary about Oklahoma D-Day. And MUCH more. Check it out it is 100% free, interactive, and it's the most read magazine in paintball. Check it out

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

ETV's Artifact Season 3 #REDSUNDAY - Buy It NOW !


#RedSunday is the first film in Season 3 of Artifact, the acclaimed documentary series produced by Planet Eclipse, a worldwide leader in action sports equipment, and producers of the EGO,GEO,ETEK, and ETHA paintball markers.

The film stars Omaha Vicious, one of the 12 professional paintball teams competing on Paintball Sports Promotions RaceTo 7 Pro Series.

Vicious experienced a meteoric rise, dominating the Amateur ranks of the PSP circuit between 2005-2010 before turning pro. During their dominance, the tradition of donning special "Red Jerseys" for Championship Sunday emerged, as the team qualified for Sunday for almost 3 straight seasons.

But their dreams of playing and succeeding at the highest level were violently awoke by the reality of the Race To 7 series.

Planet Eclipse and our ETV camera crew first joining the team in June 2011, at the PSP Chicago Open, at the lowest point in the teams' history, and as they sit on the brink of implosion.

Will they continue? Will they Rise above? and How?

PRPBE Puerto Rico - Event #3

You can find PRPBE at:
You can find Pbgotcha at:
Instagram: pbgotcha

For news, pictures & videos go to:
You can subscribe to our mailing list for officials news, photos & videos at

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Invasion Of Normandy

Here is a write up by Team Brute Force from Invasion of Normandy 2012, they have also made a video which you can see at the bottom of this post.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

There is a Tsunami coming !!

On July 21st and 22 Team Tsunami, based out of Ecuador and Columbia, joined forces with a few American players to compete in the CSP Peru Event. Marc Lancia from Planet Eclipse, Oliver Lang from Dynasty and Tony Perez all attended the CSP Peru event to play with Team Tsunami. Team owner and Captain, Gustavo Romero brought everyone together to compete against other teams that have brought in Pro Players for the event. Team Tsunami is 6-1 for the year already. Their only lost is a 2nd place finish so they have had the best year yet as a team. 4 core members from the team were able to attend the Peru event. 2 from Ecuador (Gustavo Romero and Felipe) and 2 from Columbia (Felipe Mejia and David Ramierz). 2 Other teams came with team Tsunami from Ecuador. Team Tsunami Kids and Quito Empire. All 3 teams are Planet Eclipse sponsored teams. They had a team in Open(Tsunami), Amateur(Quito Empire) and Rookie(Tsunami Kids). Team Tsunami ended the prelims in 2nd place going 3-1 only losing to Team Mercenarios who had Yosh and Dalton from Team Dynasty playing with them. They did beat us 3-0 but we knew we would be seeing them again. Our other 2 teams also had a good prelims and made it to the Semis as well. All 3 Planet Eclipse teams have made it into the next round. Team Tsunami beat out Inca Killerz in the Semis which put them into the finals against Mercenarios, which gave them a little revenge on the only team to beat them so far. The Kids team also made it into the finals but Quito Empire fell a little short and would be playing for 3rd and 4th place. The kids team played a great match in the finals but in the end came up a little short and ended up in 2nd Place. Team Tsunami went into the finals knowing what they needed to do, take Yosh and Dalton out of the game. We changed our game plan and went out fighting strong against them winning the first 2 points. With just over a minute left we knew they had to come hard at us to try to get back into the match but we locked the field down and shot everyone as they tried to make their moves and in the end Team Tsunami won the final match 3-0.

It was a great event with all 3 Planet Eclipse teams finishing on the podium. In the end the 11 year old kid from Tsunami Kids ended up winning the MVP for his division. He played awesome the entire weekend and kept them in the games and also had a 4 player run through in one of the matches.

It was a great week and a great event for everyone. We would like to thank all our sponsors and especially Planet Eclipse for providing us with great markers and gear to use. We also would like to thank Marc Lancia, Oliver Lang and Tony Perez for taking time out of their busy schedule and coming down to Peru to play with us. We have a lot more tournaments to play for the rest of the year and we are hoping to go into World Cup with some more 1st place finishes.!/tsunami.colombia