Early Bird Discounts @ CPPS

The 'NEW' Re-Vamped CPPS venue set to re-open in March 2013 has announced some kick ass deals for teams signing up for the season...


Hi all,

If anyone has been following us on facebook, you'll see that we've been busying ourselves down at the site these past couple of months. We've created a new hardcore staging area, viewing mound, added drainage, installed water to every field and we're now preparing for the two new fields......needless to say it's been a busy time and there's still lots more work to do, which we're looking forward to tackling!

Now that 2013 is fast approaching, it's time to get out some more information for you all. First off, I'll start off with the confirmed dates for next season:

Round 1: 7th April
Round 2: 12th May
Round 3: 23rd June
Round 4: 18th August
Round 5: 22nd September

In addition to these dates, we are also hosting four special events:

Student Cup: 6th April
PSP Event: 21st July
F5 Event: 4th August
7man: 3rd November

We will also be running two "rookie" events, and details of these will be released before the start of the season.


Back to our main events......

We're re-naming the divisions for both clarity and to better match the rest of the world ranking systems next season, so the divisions will now be known as follows:

Elite (Race 4 invite/locked only)
Division 1 (Race 4)
Division 2 (Race 2)
Division 3 (Race 2)
Division 4 (5 man)
Division 5 (5 man)

These will obviously correspond roughly to what has already been set in place over the past couple of years. We will be levelling the number of teams out between division 4 and 5 to provide more matches for the new division 5, and make division 4 a more competitive division for the teams near the top of the bracket at the close of 2012.

Further to this, with us running five fields next season, each division will have an AM start and will be on their own field for a full day's play. As we've stated previously, each leg will be a cup event in its own right and will be sponsored by a different company (details to be released shortly). Following your set amount of matches, the highest 4 placed teams on the day in each division (for division 3 and above only) will then go on to play an extra match in a finals play off, following which there will be trophies and prizes for each division.

Elite and Division 1 will be playing 4 matches(plus an extra one if finals are made), Division 2 and 3 will be playing 5 matches (plus an extra if finals are made) and division 4 and 5 will be playing a minimum of 10 matches over the day.


We will be locking the amount of teams per division and those numbers are as follows:

Elite: 12 teams
Division 1: 12 teams
Division 2: 8 teams
Division 3: 8 teams
Division 4: 14 teams
Division 5: 14 teams

You can post up here to confirm your place into the relevant division(s). Following a full uptake of allocated spaces, you will then be added to a waiting list for that division. Dependant on entries for each division, we may adjust these initial entry numbers, however, this will be used as our starting base; as it allows us to plan game times/fields for the time being. If you have a special request for a division entry, please email me (ainsley@okpb.co.uk). We will be looking at the last series final standings to ensure there is a fair level of entries across the board.

Prices for the divisions will be as follows:

Elite: £275
Division 1: £250
Division 2/3: £225
Division 4/5: £200

*Any second team entered into another division will be granted a £25 discount on their highest ranking team. An additional £25 will be knocked off for a 3rd team entered.

Further to this, if any team offers a referee for the day (must have attended a CPPS ref clinic) then they will be given a £50 discount for entry as well as £10 to cover any petrol costs their referee may have. This will be on a first come, first served basis, so please email me for more details.

CPPS Referee clinic details to follow shortly.


Pre-payment scheme and membership:

For 2013, we are offering a pre-payment scheme for the 5 events which will further reduce your cost of entry:

Elite: £1200 (compared to £1375, a saving of £175).
Division 1: £1100 (compared to £1250, a saving of £150).
Division 2/3: £1000 (compared to £1125, a saving of £125).
Division 4/5: £900 (compared to £1000, a saving of £100).

Any teams taking up this offer before March 1st, 2013, will be granted a free "Small Team Membership" package(see below for more info), valued at £150 per season, as well as being able to reserve a pop up tent at our main events.

In addition to this, the first 5 teams taking up the offer before 1st February, 2013 we will also be entitled to a 20% reduction fee into Division 3 of the London leg of the Millennium Series in 2013. We are funding this reduction to encourage teams who are thinking of playing Millennium and support them in their journey.


We want to encourage teams to train next season and so are offering membership packages for individuals and teams alike. Players who join will be given discounted training fees at £10 per head (rather than £15). There will be a minimum of 15 training days next season in between March and November. We have lots of exciting things planned this year and further benefits of membership will be released in the coming months.

Individual membership: £25 per year, payable by March 29th 2013.
Small team membership: £160 per year - allowing up to 8 players to register for discount, payable by 29th March
Large team membership: £240 per year - allowing up to 16 players to register for discount, payable by 29th March

*Students will be able to train at £10 per head on presentation of a current and valid student card.


In summary, if you want to sign up to a division, please post up here with your request(s) and if you have any questions please drop me an email on ainsley@okpb.co.uk.

I'll be releasing more sponsor info soon along with a whole host of other exciting news planned for the season. Now back to the site rebuild...........