Brotherhood Tour 2013

Team ODST to produce a paintball documentary featuring Sonny Lopez , Greg Hastings, and more, with loads of paintball action captured from several top paintball events on two continents SEPTEMBER 2 – 30th 2013 - FRANCE/ GERMANY/ UK/ USA

It’s called THE BROTHERHOOD TOUR and this September 2013, Team ODST is proud to join forces with Sonny Lopez and Greg Hastings, and embark on the paintball adventure of a lifetime. Captain Joshua “Boomer” Both and 5 high ranking ODST Officers have formed a dynamic and skilled team to traverse the European battlefields, where much of the recorded fun and excitement will also be posted on several social networks nightly for fans to follow and interact, with the ultimate collective goal of growing the sport of PAINTBALL.

This documentary will be produced featuring all the behind the scenes of what it’s like being a pro paintballer, including what it takes to fight at the TIPPMANN WORLD CHALLENGE, and finally what BROTHERHOOD means to Paintballers internationally. With daily video blogs, ODST and “Company” will keep fans up to date each day of the trip. Highlight eliminations will be featured via R7 RePlay directly to our blog each night after combat, as well as field, shop, gear, and player reviews from the tour attendees.

-    BIG GAME EURO – VECKRING France SEPT 7-8 2013



“Paintball is more than shooting someone and capturing a flag, it is about the friends you see monthly, the relationships you build yearly, and the AWESOME and UNFORGETABLE memories you take with you forever.”  Josh Both proclaims. ” We are very excited to capture and share these great experience with paintball fans. O.D.S.T. Captain

“ I am looking forward to join in on this international paintball tour and be able to share with everyone the random things that happen in foreign lands when your out on glorious paintball adventures. This year started with a bang with the sponsorship of the LA Hitmen by both Anthrax (Greece) and Patch-Werks (Germany) and the final testing being performed of some long awaited Hitmen products. I have the honour of coaching the Destiny girls in the PALS Thailand event in a couple weeks and the release of the Carmatech Engineering SAR12 is drawing near. This could not be a more exciting time for me!” Says Sonny Lopez, 24 year paintball veteran.

“This is the perfect opportunity for me to show my fans and fans of paintball what I really do and what it takes to battle at this level and still manage to have fun.” Says Greg Hastings, 26 year paintball veteran.  “My Tour this year is designed to support my lead sponsor Tippmann, my new video game called “GHP Fields of Battle”, and shoot much of this documentary on my R7 Replay Camera System, so I was excited to join this squad and share our experiences, well, most of our experiences with fans!”


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