Brutal Deluxe . . . Re-Birth

2012 was the year we were supposed to start over from the beginning, Brutal Deluxe standing on our own feet instead of under the DOW flag. 2012 was the year we were going show what we were really capable of.

Looking back at the year from that point of view it was a disappointment, no doubt about that. It even crossed the mind of many of our players to quit and some even did.

Maybe we had a bit of unrealistic expectations going in to the new season. Building a new team to win tournaments might happen in movies, and in some rare occasions outside of Hollywood, but it takes hard work.

For 2012 we had better possibilities than ever to practice at a new indoor field in Gothenburg called Paintball Dreams which is run by Andreas LiljengÄrd. All players owe him a great deal, or at least a beer or two. That goes for all players in the Gothenburg area, not only the Brutal Deluxe players.
The indoor arena gave us a great opportunity to get a good grasp of the talent in Gothenburg, which is proving very useful for rejuvenating the team with fresh blood. It has created a great foundation for newcomers to get in to the game, especially financially for the tadpoles.

However, we practiced a lot more than the previous years but the results we wanted still didn't come, and it took roughly more than 2/3 of the season before we realized that we must revise how we practice and why. We still didn't get the result we wanted but things started to happen, I can't exactly put my finger on what, but most of all it was a question of mind setting. We managed to beat Mashive Attack at the third tournament of the Swedish Championships, a team which we haven't even been able to score points against earlier. Mashive had not even lost a game the whole year, and didn't lose any more after that game either.

It was a big decision to leave DOW, but the only logical one, and even though we are practicing more than ever before, we find a lot of motivation in being able to make our own decisions and figuring out how to make the everyday tasks run smoothly. A big challenge right now is to find a mix of players who are able to practice frequently and also being able to attend the events, to get us to a stable level of performance. We know our very best is still at a high level, and queries to different players from pro teams from around Europe is a testament to this fact.

It was a tough transition to return from PSP to the millennium-series, on many levels. Most of us found the millenniums way of doing things very frustrating, especially the uneven quality of the events. This made us decide to discontinue our participation in the series (again..) to focus on taking back the Swedish arena. This gives us room to simultaneously save up for one or two large events abroad. Because some of the best moments of the team has been going to the States eating pumpkin-sized burgers and playing paintball the way it was meant.

Throughout this process to rebuild the team it feels good to have Planet Eclipse behind us. There is no need to ever worry about our equipment and gear, just knowing that our gear and guns always just works no matter what and even without compromising performance. We have been with Planet since 2005, and we haven’t a single time even thought about looking in another direction, why would we?

A handful of our players are still going to participate in The millennium, but as guest players helping out on other teams, whilst Brutal stays prioritized.

As you might understand 2012 didn't become what we wanted, but it became what we needed. Therefore it feels really good looking at 2013 ahead of us, to continue the grind and hard work for those so sweet tasting victories.

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