Combine - sells out !

The 2013 Boston Paintball Combine was another huge successful for everyone. It has sold out again with over 65 players registered! The event was put in place years ago to give local teams the ability to look at up and coming talent or players looking to get on a team. It is held every year before the season starts and is run by 2 Pro Players that help give the players some techniques to work on the game. This year Boston Paintball brought in Nicky Cuba and Nick Slowiak. The players get split in half and each pro player takes their team and works with them for a few hours. Towards the end the players are split up into 5 man teams and then they have 5 vs 5 matches so teams can see how a player can adapt to a game situation. Its a fun but a competitive event as Cuba and Slowiak are also fighting against each other to see who can put together the better team.

During the Event, Marc Lancia from Planet Eclipse, set up a gun Demo booth so any player could have the chance to try out any Planet Eclipse marker. This went really well as player had a chance to try guns they have always wanted but maybe couldn’t afford or never had the ability to use it. Players could use Ethas, Eteks, Egos and Geos. There was 10 guns brought for players to demo and every marker was lent out the entire night to a lot of different players giving them all a chance to try everything out.

At the end of the Combine they hold a 1 vs 1 tournament with 2 divisions. The upper division winner gets a brand new Geo3, sponsored by Planet Eclipse and Boston Paintball, and the lower division winner gets a Axe. In the upper division one of the players had been demoing out a Geo3 the entire night and got to love the way the marker shot. In the end Mike Prior won the upper division using a Geo3 he demoed all night and got to walk away with a brand new of his own now.

It was good to see so many players and teams coming out to support the event. With the season right around the corner we all look forward to getting out there and playing.

Boston Paintball would like to thank Planet Eclipse for their continued support!


  1. Want a Geo 3 so bad! But my SLS is still my first love.


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