Deep Hunter


  1. I have an ego 11 after every game I clean and maintain it. Its not once broke down on me or anything. Basically the best marker I have ever used. Now you bring up this bad boy! I need to know a price! Even my girlfriend is saying get it! Cos she know how much I love my 11 but when is it being released? Uk and price. Also what is the main difference to an 11 apart from what I can see in the picture? I heard rap4uk was in Washington checking it out today?

    1. New cure bolt 5.
      Macroless design. (tube trought body)
      New ram kit.
      No lpr torpedo under the barrel.
      The feedneck and the trigger frame is aligned to get a lower profile with the hopper.
      SL4 Regulator.

      Maybe it will be at 1250$ like always been the new ego's.

      (sorry for my bad english)

  2. Thats all I needed to hear! Thanks for the information. I better get saving! Seriously in love with the ego's.


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