Hoodies !

The latest Planet Eclipse hoodies are made from a Polyester blend to create a warm fabric with excellent colour fastness. As it turns out the downside of this particular blend is that it can only be washed on a cold wash and is prone to pilling, nothing wrong with the structure of the hoodies, they are not going to fall to pieces! The material is just not as ‘wash and wear resistant’ as we would like it to be. We have run a bunch of tests in house and if the hoodies are washed in a cold 30 degree wash on a Synthetic setting then it’s not such an issue, unfortunately the wash label doesn’t say Synthetic Wash Only… So, we made a mistake and it’s bargain time for everyone ! We have decided to blow them out straight from the off and take the hit for our mistake. So contact your local dealer and see what amazing bargains they can cut you on a Planet Eclipse hoody, while I go and kneel on pencils with the rest of the design team !