Huge Prize Fund !

Hot off the press from Shoreline....

Over £500 in prizes to be given to one player on Wednesday to celebrate the launch of The Planet Eclipse Big Game: Staargate.

To win, all you have to do is change your Facebook Profile Photo to the Shoreline ‘S’ and Planet ‘E’ logo and post the word ‘Staargate’ in the appropriate thread on the Shoreline Facebook Page.

The winner will be drawn immediately after the launch of the Staargate event at 7pm on Wednesday evening.

The sooner you enter, the great the chance of you winning. We’ll enter all the names in to the hat each day. So if you enter today, your name will go in to the hat 3 times (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) but if you leave it until Wednesday your name will only go in to the hat once. So the sooner you enter, the great the chance you’ll have of walking away with the big bag of swag.

Good luck!