Jason 'Foolybear' Lineberger - Game Calendar!

Eclipse's own scenario slayer, Jason "foolybear" Lineberger, has laid out his preliminary event calendar for 2013.  His path of destruction encompasses scenario events that range from 8 to 24 to even some 36 hour games!  At most of the games listed below, foolybear will be taking the field with his team, Capital Offense, but he's also looking for a few games to tackle in a solo fashion, so look for changes to the calendar as the year progresses.

As foolybear attends these events, you'll be able to read his game coverage right here.  Follow his paintball musings on Twitter (@foolybear) and see his latest paintball photographs on Instagram under the same name (@foolybear-Instagram). If you spot foolybear at a game, be sure to say hello and invite him to run a mission with your team, and your squad might be featured here as well!


  1. On August 3rd I got to knock off about seven years' worth of rust when I (finally) got back into paintball and rolled up the mountain with Foolybear to Line Of Fire Paintball near Hendersonville NC.

    Jason loaned me his Etha and it shot like a dream. It is remarkably light, easy to wield and has a fast touch on the trigger. Its accuracy is laser-like. It rocked all day and I felt like a far better, younger player because of it. It's a remarkable piece.


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