UWL Hits the UK.....

The UWL hits the UK at the start of next month in what is the biggest move back to the woods the UK paintball scene has seen in years. The UWL is a 5 man woodland competition which will be played at venues in the North and South of England.

The prize for the winning team is extraordinary…..the winners will be flown over to the USA, have their entry fees AND paint all paid for and will take part in the UWL competition at the PSP World Cup in Florida!!!!

As this is the first time the UWL has been played in the UK in this way, it is a level playing field and new to everyone. So no matter if you are a new player or team, a scenario team, a retired team or pro tournament team – everyone will be starting from the same point. So it could be you and your mates being flown over to play paintball in the USA.

Ledz from Planet Eclipse and Sandbaggers said “I can’t wait for this. I’ve played Paintball at the very highest level, but the UWL is just FUN. It gives me the competition element that I love but I can also bring down my mates and have a great day out, get my Paintball fix and REALLY enjoy it all in the process. I love the UWL, thanks for bringing it back to the UK”

The UWL is capped at 50 teams and 33 of those slots have already been taken. So visit www.shorelineoutdoor.com for details on how to secure a slot for your team.