Express Tech Support @ PSP Dallas

Planet Eclipse Tech support is the bar that sets the standard. We realised at the PSP World Cup a high percentage of players that came to see us came straight from the fields of battle. Sometimes the trek from the players area to the main tech tent was a quite a distance and what we saw at World Cup was 90% + of the issues players had with their markers could be fixed within a few second and sometimes even just a little bit of instruction. Might be a battery issue or setting question or very commonly a loader or tank issue that the marker gets the blame for. But sometimes it might be a marker issue that we can fix in 30 seconds and get you back on the field… and that’s what the Planet Eclipse Express Tech Support is here for…

Where You Want It…… When You Want It!!!

Whatever your problem Planet Eclipse has got your back…

Full Tech Support Booth is also running at PSP Dallas in the Trade Villager Area….

Good Luck everyone this weekend….

Bring it home for the :