Texas Triple Threat..

Viper's annual "Texas Triple Threat" scenario game took place on the 9th and 10th of February at Petty Paintball just outside Austin, Texas. This unique event features three full teams battling it out in a three-way mission-based slugfest. Additionally, every hour commanders send a three-man team to "The Grinder" with a mission they wish to wager. The teams play a round-robin three-man tourney on the speedball field. First place doubles their wagered points, second place breaks even, and third loses the points they wagered.

Over three hundred players showed up for 26 hours of intense excitement and all walked away happy and exhausted. Many won door prizes from our many generous sponsors, including Albert Ciroc of the Aztec Warriors who won a brand new Etha marker from our friends at Planet Eclipse! Please check out their great product line and the new LV1 at www.planeteclipse.com

For more information on this and other Viper events across North America visit viperpaintball.com