WINNING !!! - A few words from team Tsunami

WINNING !!! - A few words from team Tsunami 

After a successful 2012 season, 2013 comes with great expectations for our team. After winning all tournaments that we competed in 2012, including two National Championships and two South American Championships, it is a hard thing to do, but it is even harder to make it all happen again. For those reasons we did not take a break during the off season and strived to train every weekend.

Our effort has not proved wrong and we came out champions of the first tournament of the year, celebrated in Cali, Colombia on February 23rd.  The competition was intense, with the best teams of Colombia participating in the event. The qualifying round took us by surprise, winning only two out of the 4 matches; however, we managed to qualify for the semi-finals round. For the semi-finals and the finals round we adjusted some of our game plans, but more importantly we came out clean with no penalties, and won both of the matches.

It was a great event and it is a great feeling to start the year with a win, more importantly, knowing that all the hard work paid off and we are still the team to beat. Our new Geo´s 3.0 worked perfectly and the team is now more confident than ever