A NEW Beginning.......

First question… what should we take from the 2012 season as a team?

The good and bad days we spent together, remember all our mistakes so we don’t do them again but most of all we should keep our friendship and all the fun we have playing paintball together.

2013 is set to stay on our minds for a long time, this is not just a new beginning, but also a year that we want to show everyone why this team is so important to us and we fight so hard to maintain the same players, the same spirit outside the field, the same attitude inside the field but a whole new image that will give us motivation to fight harder.

We have a new jersey for 2013, we also changed our logo. Sometimes we need to make little changes to get more, so with that in mind, changes were made. The idea of the 2013 new logo is to get more from the actual image in a way of keeping up with the evolution that paintball is taking; we don’t want to lose the history and original image of the name Prophecy but is important to go with the flow of paintball evolution.

Concerning sponsors for 2013 the mentality is simple, if they worked well last year, if we are treated well, and if we love our sponsors, why should we change anything?

We are still using Planet Eclipse material, now shooting with the GEO3 that is just outstanding, we continue to shoot the best paint ( G.I.Sportz ), wear V-force masks that make us look so cool, Exalt cleats, Dream Team products, also to make us  look good we still have Hybrid photo thru Ricardo Campos that take our pictures and X3 Magazine, Shamir is a new sponsor that is helping a lot, Frostline and Jorge Sá Madeiras. Last but the most important we still have the full support of Adrenalicia (APD) amazing friends, always on our side, always ready if we need something, thanks so much Javier and Jota.

 All this together, the new jersey, the new logo and also the sponsors helped us on this first stage of the Portuguese Paintball Championship.

Prior to the first stage of the Portuguese Paintball Championship we had 3 weekends of practice, the team wanted to start big so we went for it strong, practicing hard and shooting a lot of paint. Our coach Jose Antonio Otero (Jota Apd) helped us getting better doing different drills, studying tactics, motivating us to do better but most important in getting us united as a team during every part of the game… We practiced at several locations but the last one before the Championship was the most useful to us, in the Vila Verde Millennium field (www.vilaverdestore.com) we got to practice against some of the teams we are fighting against in the same Division and that in my opinion is always good.

Regarding this first stage of the Portuguese Paintball Championship that was played in Lisbon (Alcabideche) we knew that from the 3 teams we were playing, only one was capable of make us anxious, not because they play really good but because they have new players with a lot of experience, players that like us, already played in Millennium Series, other European stages and have played Paintballl for a long time.

With that in mind we knew it was essential to start strong remembering how important it was to have the mentality from last Millennium Series in Paris, where we did good and played very well. We were shooting strong lines putting a lot of paint in the air and making the right moves up the field… from the 3 teams we played XXL C., Titans and Beira Mar none of them had the strength to stop us and we won all 3 games with no problem.

The semifinal game was against Metralhas Silver, a good team, but a team that did not have the necessary experience to hurt us, not giving any chance of being surprised by them we easily achieved  victory.

In the final we played Damaiense, a team that a week earlier practiced with us in Vila Verde Paintball field, in their new Millennium 2013 field, the practice was good and we knew they were an organized team that respect the adversary and try to go up the field as much as they can with no fear of risking new moves every time… it was a good game and without much effort we won it, in total during the day we only lost 2 points and that is really good.

It was a perfect day, like we expected and practiced to be, knowing that from here it will be even more difficult because those teams will also practice and we will be the team they want to beat, but if we continue to prepare our games wisely, I think that we will do a good job. Our heads and thoughts are all going in one direction so the team is confident and know what to do.

To our sponsors Planet Eclipse thanks for the Geo 3 it is amazing, to G.I. SPORTZ paintballs we could not be more thankful because the paint is just amazing, Exalt , V-force masks, Shamir, Hybrid photo, Jorge Sá Madeiras, Frostline and Dream Team clothing, respect to all. Thanks to all our sponsors we are really happy with your support…

Thanks to Adrenalicia (APD) for all the support you guys provide, you are amazing, always on our side, always ready if we need something, thanks so much Javier and Jota,

To my team mates Ricardo Melo, Maga, Pedro Graça, Alex Gomes, João Lima, Nuno Roxo, Jorge Sá and João Teles… I love you guys. Also thanks to all the people that help us during the day, your support also give us strength to play harder.

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