Flying anywhere soon with your Paintball Gear?

Over the last couple of months members of Planet Eclipse staff have traveled to several events around the world. On more than one of these trips either a full paintball marker or parts of a Paintball marker have been transported in the hold luggage. On two of the occasions security checks have happened and the Paintball marker has been removed from the bags and refusal of transportation has accord. Luckily for Planet this wasn’t a huge issue and we made other arrangements but we thought Paintball players around the World should be aware that there is a potential issue and what they can do about it.

This is what we suggest anyone traveling with a Paintball marker or parts of a Paintball marker does:

Contact the Airline you are traveling with (have all of the relevant information at hand, booking reference, flight numbers etc) and request their booking is annotated, to reflect the carriage of a Paintball Marker (Gun), highlighting that the item is not classified as a Firearm.

We have used this method a couple of times now, with different airlines and the process was pretty painless and successful. Certainly a lot easier than having you marker taken off you when your on the way to an event!!

I hope this piece of info helps…??

All Paintballers have a duty to themselves to act responsibly when dealing with Paintball markers and especially when in Airports.