Who's paying the bar bill?

It occurs to us; this bar bill is going to be expensive
Has it really been 20 years??

As implied by the name of this blog, Pub Crawling, as a team have been playing paintball together since 1993 (and several of us have paintball careers that extend back ever farther) and we are still trying to figure out who is responsible for paying the bill. Many of us have paid close attention to the sport and its’ growth and metamorphosis over the years. Though I do not intend to breathe life into those complicated issues, I do hope to shed light onto the players we used to be (as well as a quick recap of the end of 2012 and the beginning of our 20th year together).

Unfortunately, the photo archives of Pub Crawling only go back to the late 1990’s, though we are sure earlier proofs exist. This photo shows the founding members of Pub Crawling (Cynical Chuck, Maniac, and MJ) and a current teammate (Jelly). It’s hard to believe that this is about 15 years ago.

As 2012 came to a close we wrapped up our season at Paintball Charleston, in Charleston, South Carolina. This venue and scenario producer (MPP games, run by Ben Torricelli and his great wife Bonnie) has become a favorite of ours, and this game was as predicted: AWESOME. With a great crowd and super field ownership, the good time is guaranteed. Ending the season with a solid win is always a plus, and our side won the game with a 700 point win! (Generals hint: to motivate your side for a scenario game final battle, tell your troops you are losing and if the final battle is won by you will have enough to win).

Here is a shot of us with a few friends back in the days when the ‘uniform’ of Pub Crawling was evolving and each player rigged up a custom look. Those days on the team were always good for a laugh (in fact, it is still true), check out Maniac’s sweeeeeeet tactical vest. This was also the time of ‘team xterra’, Chatty Matty and MJ both drove black ones.

To begin the 2013 season, the team voted to make a few decisions. We agreed to switch our season to an 8 game affair and focus on: attending 4 games/fields as a ‘repeat’ option, and attend 4 new fields/events. This was done to allow us to travel further and father as a group, this is shown this year by our planned games in: Tennessee, Virginia, New York, Maryland, New Hampshire, Indiana, Illinois, and South Carolina. This schedule will also allow for the successful utilization of a ************, which will be unveiled later this season.

We began our 2013 game play in Tennessee at Bearclaw paintball in Fayetteville (south of Nashville). This field is 72 acres of fantastic play area. Well structured and staffed, the MPP games we play there are so rich in missions and props that any serious scenario team should head that way at least once (we recommend several times). During this game, the dreaded “please switch sides” happened. Due to circumstances beyond our control (or game director) the event began to sway heavily towards the side we were playing for and for the overall balancing of the game we agreed to switch sides and play for the other general. All of the players were informed of this in advance and we insisted on trying to complete any missions we were currently carrying out before moving sides. Once the switch was implemented we dug in for a gun fight. And a gun fight we had! Over the next 24 hours we fought and clawed our way back into the game and at the end of it all, when the dust had settled, and the last chicken had been hatched; our ‘new’ side had managed to win! And we were awarded a ‘sportsmanship’ award from both sides and a ‘MVT’ from the winning general. What a good time!

Here is more proof of the passage of time…Lemming has hair in the photo. As I reflect on the good times that have been had, I’m reminded of a recent conversation with Yodeler, who said; “it’s doubtful that when we’re 70, we’ll ever say ‘man, I wish we hadn’t’ve played all that paintball”. You know, he’s right… I’m sure.

We just returned from an event in Gloucester, Virginia at a new to us field. The Swamp is what it is called and they are right, but not in a bad way. This is that rare scenario field, 138 acres, that is all FLAT. And that is great; big, wide, and flat. Though the game was a bit small (player wise), it was also only their 2nd event and it was clear that the ownership is committed to developing and fostering a scenario scene in Eastern Virginia. We will definitely be back at this field! Though we were on the losing side at this event, we did take home the ‘MVT’ award and Lemonade won a one on one duel to end the game and take home all the final battle points. To boot, this field is located within 20 miles of Colonial Williamsburg, which means; plenty of hotels, restaurants, and beer stores! This photo is of Yodeler, Colonic, and MJ at The Swamp.

Well, this trip down Long Term and Short Term Memory lane is over and the one thing I’m sure of is: some of my teammates are getting old. No, what I meant was; I’m glad the ride isn’t over. Here is the 20th anniversary schedule of Pub Crawling. Find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @pubcrawlingPB and visit www.pubcrawling.org

Until we see you out there; the whisky is old and the beer is cold. Plus, a bonus shot of Maniac and BabySitter, playing the Pub Crawling Coozy Game. Good times, Good times.


2/23-24 Bearclaw, Tennessee, MPP game
4/06 Swamp (Saturday game), Virginia, Wulfenkow game
5/25-26 Albany Scenario Club, New York, field game
6/15-16 OXCC, Maryland, TSSOC game
7/21 OSG (Sunday game), New Hampshire, field game
8/10-11 Blast Camp, Indiana, Viper game
9/15 Fox Paintball (Sunday game), Illinois, field game
11/16-17 PBC, South Carolina, MPP game


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