Bob Gurnsey Scholarship Winners Announced

For immediate release - May 15th, Old Hickory, Tennessee

The Bob Gurnsey Scholarship fund is very pleased to announce the winners and recipients for this year's scholarship assistance. This was not an easy task for the board members to evaluate each submission as there were numerous essays that were well written with interesting content.

"While we would like to support ALL the students who submitted their essays this year" states board chairman Jim Lively, "only the ones with the top marks as graded by the board will be receiving financial assistance for their educational institution of choice. Thanks one and all for sending in your essays and special thanks to all that help support the fund annually"

The following students were chosen to receive assistance from The Bob Gurnsey Scholarship Fund. Each submission was carefully graded for spelling and punctuation, Originality and the Ability to Express.

$2,500 Tippmann Sports Award  - Mathew Harley Scott studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alabama in Huntsville

Local Field: Phoenix Paintball

$2,500 Valken Sports Award - Nickolas Vernadakis studying Biophysics at the University of Connecticut

Local Field: Boston Paintball

$1,000 Players Award - Bryce McCarthy studying Cinematography/Videography at Emerson College

Local Field: PnL Paintball

$1,000 Players Award - John Dempsey studying Business & Marketing at West Virginia University    

Local Field: Skyline Paintball

$1,000 Players Award - Sean Griggs studying Biology at Texas Christian University

Local Field: Predator Paintball

$500 Field Owners Award - Andrew Goto studying Speech Communication at The University of Central Florida

Local Field: G.I. Direct Paintball


$500 Field Owners Award - Andrew Goyer  studying Engineering at Bridgewater College

Local Field: WarPlay Paintball

$500 Field Owners Award - Adrian Rivera studying Biology/Science at Brigham Young University

Local Field: Warriors for Christ Paintball Ministry 

Once again a very special congratulations to this year's scholarship recipients and to all of the fund supporters that help establish the fund annually.

$2,500 National Scholarship Awards

Tippmann Sports

Valken Sports

$1,000 Players Scholarship Awards

National Professional Players League

Planet Eclipse

Paintball Gear Canada

Cossio Insurance Agency

Catshack Reports


Viper Paintball

Paintball Extravaganza

Quarter Master PB

PB Buying Group

Ms. Tina Ruzzo

Mr. Laurence Miller

Mr. Tony Porras

$500 Field Owners Scholarship Awards

Three Rivers PB Park

Wasaga Beach PB Park

Hell Survivors

Adventure Beach PB

E.M.R. PB Park



The Bob Gurnsey scholarship Fund is an ongoing project. To see to its longevity, we as a community must continue to do what we can to build the necessary funds. Please consider a donation, for more information please visit