Dutch Scenario - Report and Video (Leg #1)

The first leg of the Dutch Scenario Competition (NSC)2013 was held on April 21 at the D-19 paintball field in Gasselte. This season a total of 8 teams are competing for the title “best scenario team 2013”. Each team has to play 3 out of 5 events to be able to claim a place in the season finale. Because of the 30 minutes game time and the amount of daylight in a day, only 5 teams can play on one event. This first leg there were 4 new teams and one veteran team competing for the first place. The marshalling was done by the players of team FUBAR and the Black Bandits who enjoined watching the other teams playing.
The first game was between the Unit and the Astros both new the NSC and new to the D-19 field. The game ended in a win for the Astros with 77 points against 32 points for the Unit.

The second game was between veteran team the Praetorians and the new team P.A.C. The Praetorians showed P.A.C. why they were third place season winners in 2012 and won the game with 75 points for the Praetorians and 28 points for P.A.C.

Because of a flat tire the Madball Legionaires were late on the field and could not do a proper field walk but they had to play the third game of the day so they could get their gear ready in time. This game it was between the Madball Legionaires and the Unit. The Unit had played the first game of the day so they had some experience on the field. The Madball Legionaires got their stuff together and won with 59 points versus 36 for the Unit.

The day rolled on giving the guys of RSH Media opportunities enough to shoot good pictures of all the actions preformed by the teams. Also on the field was Jim from Paintball Nederland & Belgie with his video camera. He made a very nice film on the NSC with some good action scenes in it.

The last game of the day was between the Astros and Madball Legionaires and the outcome of this game would impact first, second and third place so this game was hard against hard. Madball Legionaires went in guns blazing and showed the Astros they meant busyness. The Astros weren’t going to just give the game away and gave it their best but being without means of communicating was a big disadvantage in this big field and Madball Legionaires showed they deserved the first place.

The final score for this first leg was:
1st place: Madball Legionaires
2nd place: Praetorians
3rd place: Astros
4th place: PAC
5th place: Paintballersunit

 The Scenario Special of the day was "Dragon Lady"

Next leg will be at het Eendracht Paintball field, the competing teams this second leg will be: the Praetorians, FUBAR, The Unit, Bad Company and the Astros. We are looking forward in this next event.

Movie made by Paintball Nederland & Belgie
Fotos made by RSH Media

Special thanks to the Media that was present on the event:

And our sponsor planet eclipse for the new Jerseys, Deadbox