Friendship Cup

PROpaintball would like to invite you and your team to participate in the ‘Friendship Cup’ tournament. This event will be held at:
The PRO Arena, X-Park Leisure Centre in Kiev, Ukraine.
The event will be held on:
20 July 2013.

PROpaintball has made a unique paintball centre called ‘PRO ARENA‘. There is no equal in Ukraine!
Our playing area has a lot of advantages, such as:
• Special artificial cover which is similar to the “Millennium” field;
• Equipped zone for teams with a general area of 300 sq.m
• Equipped pit-zone for 4 teams;
• Illumination for the field via 12 projectors, with general power 4800 watt;
• Zone for verbal assistance from the side of the snake;
• Shower-baths for players.
And the main innovation of this unique complex is for the 200 spectator fan-zone, which provides a 2 metre high view from the field. This vantage point gives a great view for spectators to give people in the zone verbal assistance.
Now players and spectators are able to see the difference!
Safety is a serious consideration for both spectators and players. That’s why our team zone is divided from fan zone with a fairy shield made of polycarbonate. This gives spectators the possibility to feel free and not be afraid of paint or any other stuff which can damage your clothes, etc.
The fan zone has not only traditional netting but it is also equipped with fairy shield made of polycarbonate, so you are really close to the field (only 2 m.)
Spectators and players are also able to spend their free time at the X-Park, where you will find pubs, restaurants, wakeboards, and the ability to rent bicycle or quad bike, trampolines and many other entertainments.

For more information about X-Park please visit our website at:
Status of “Friendship Cup ” tournament.
Organiser: PROPaintball
20 July 2013.
The PRO Arena X-Park Leisure Centre in Kiev, Ukraine.
The competition is held under the x-ball version in 2 divisions:

1st Division
- format 4V (till 4- wins; 10 minutes game plus 2 minutes break);
- limit 16 teams
2nd Division
- format 4V (till 4- wins; 10 minutes game plus 2 minutes break);
- limit 16 teams
4 pit-zones
Judging is conducted by rules of UPF 2013 (adapted)

Team limits:
1st Division – 16 teams
2nd Division – 16 teams
Entry fee:
1st Division – 250$
2nd Division – 250$
All teams play with organizer paintballs.
Prices from 45-50$
Arbiter – Maxim Cherkasov (Ukraine)
Muster judge of the field - Anton Nadezhdin (Buff) (Russia)
Judging panel – national team of Ukraine
Tech support:
Aleks Ignatov (Planet Eclipse certificated specialist)
We are proudly sponsored by Planet Eclipse.
Also teams will awarded with medals, cups.
The last day for registration of team – one day before the tournament
Final registration will be only after payment of entry fee.