Operation Sandbaggers......


We want to remember the reason we all started Paintball in the first place. It means the same now as it did back then... TO HAVE FUN !!!!
Back in 2005 some of the players from Pro Team Nexus hung up their boots for the last time in the professional Paintball arena locker room. But they still had the bug to play Paintball and the urge to drink with what had become good friends. But where do you play when you have just stopped playing Pro? Well the answer is anywhere you want !!!

Operation Sandbaggers or Sandbaggers for short is more about the getting together and having fun than actually winning anything. We invite old and new friends to play on the squad be it at a Millennium Series or down the woods for some good old scenario paintball. There isn't any weird way to get into the Sandbaggers you simply have to be asked. You have to be able to drink, party and hopefully be able to at least pick up your shooter the day after.

The more people that we get to "LIKE" the Sandbagger page the more effort we will put into it...

We are not you usualy Paintball team and we hope the Facebook Page won't be your usualy Facebook page either... Come visit us, "LIKE' us and get involved. 


We also like to win a little, that's fun as well :-) 

3 Wins in 3 Weeks...... Boooooommmmm !!!!


  1. Always good to see you guys out and about - and congrats on the 3 wins! :P

    PS - hate your smoke at UWL... ;)


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