They’re Grrrrrrreat!

Tiger Ambush is at it again!  At the CFOA’s Palmetto Open, Ambush faced cold weather and relentless rain.  As Forest Gump would say: “Little bitty stingin’ rain, big ole fat rain, and even rain that flew in sideways.  The turf field was like a sponge, and the pits were ankle-deep mud soup...

Terrible rain can spell doom for lesser quality equipment, but Ambush had ZERO gun problems!  Any sliding created tsunami type waves, but their Geo 3’s never missed a beat.  Tiger pushed on through to another impressive 3rd place finish, led by tournament MVP, Blair Howery.   

Blair said, “These Geo 3’s are rock solid.  We couldn’t ask for more dependable gear.  It is awesome having a marker that I know will work all the time, so I can focus on my responsibilities in the game.  We are real happy having Planet Eclipse and Tiger Paintball behind us.”

We love it here at Planet HQ when you gear just keeps on rockin and our teams keep in winning... Well Done.