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Over the last 3 years the UK has managed to get together a National team to compete at the Millennium series EPBF events in the Ladies, U19’s and Men’s Championship events… The UK has also had some amazing results with the Men’s team winning the event in 2011 and runners up in 2012. The U19's came 4th in 2011, 1st in 2012 and 2nd in 2013....

As always there are major issues to overcome with any team like this, the main one is cost. We all know how hard life is at the moment and to ask the players of our Nations team to pay for Entrance Fee’s, Paint, Flights, Accommodation, etc etc can add up to a pretty penny. Some, if not most of these players, already have commitments with their current teams and adding another event + training sessions is just too much. What we are trying to do is to help with this burden and to raise some money to help fund the UK National teams.

Some people I’m sure will say all sort of things, like “I’d give my right arm to play for the UK team”…or “why should I help the National teams” and they are right but the fact still remains that if the United Kingdom want to put together the best team we can to compete for our Nation then we all need to help.

Dye have already stepped up to the plate with Paint which is amazing and really does help a lot but we need more help, not just for here and now, for the future so we can hopefully try and build on the success we have already achieved.

The beauty of the Nations teams is ANYONE can get on the squad, all the teams are picked after open trials so this isn’t so much you helping out other players this could be you helping out yourself, your team mate and your Nations hopes at winning the titles........Again!

Planet Eclipse has produced a One off Union Jack LV1 that they have donated to the Nations Team to raise funds. The marker is in production right now and the winner will be drawn over the weekend of the UK Millennium event on 5th – 7th July. Tickets are £1 each with every penny going towards the UK Nation team account.

You can but ticket this weekend at the North vs. South Big Game from the LiPs booth, and next weekend from at the CPPS... more places to buy tickets will be announced soon.

Please dig as deep as you can get so we can start to put things in place for the future.

The Nations team players can use whatever equipment they want, when they pull on the Team UK jersey (that also need paying for) they all play under the same flag as our Nations team. We want to thanks Planet Eclipse for donating this amazing One Off Union Jack LV1…

Thanks for everyone that buys a ticket and we promise to try are hardest to make the UK proud of us…

Markie C, Twizz and Clint Moore
(UK Coaching Staff)

 P.S. you might also see some scratch cards knocking around. These are also to help to National Teams :-)


  1. Are tickets still available - if so where from please

  2. Here @Rick Anthony


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