Prophecy..... Round 2

Since the last stage of the Portuguese national championship much has happened...

Our team won that first stage and right on that day we heard that one of the first Division teams was quitting from playing the rest of the tournament! That was news that we were not expecting to hear and a buzz about our team replacing them in Division 1 started right on that day!

To better understand why we got happy about that news I will explain...

Prophecy paintball team is a team that combined two different projects, one (Prophecy) was created to bring players from several good teams and play paintball for free, and their only objective was to do random tournaments and win! They did that a lot... The other team ( Lisbon Benfica-B) was a group of friends that wanted to play paintball and start their way up from the bottom division 3 to the top all together and accomplish the dream of getting to Division 1 as one of the best teams!

Both teams played several years like that, both teams lost players for many reasons, some dropped the sport to get work, others started a family and others just could not support paintball... Prophecy won several tournaments and Lisbon Benfica B went from Division 3 as Winners to Division 2! 

Through mutual friends and because some Prophecy players were joining Lisbon Benfica B in the Millennium Series the marriage of both teams was something that would happen sooner or later.. And two years ago it did. So now we have a team with a strong past that combines friends and a winning spirit!

Last year we didn’t get up to division 1 because of 1 point, and that was hard, real hard!

By now who is reading this can start to understand how we felt when we heard that one of the division 1 team drop out and we were, by regulation, the team in place to replace them...

Right after the first stage we started practicing, this time not as a team, some of our players went to play for other teams in a local tournament... Unfortunately in that tournament we lost one of our players (Alex Gomes), when he hurt his knee really bad, he's having treatment but it will take several months to return.

We practiced together the weekend before the second stage of the Portuguese Championship without knowing in what Division we would end up, even so, we practiced like if we were already in the first division.

We had a lot of people asking what our decision would be if we receive the invitation to play in Division 1, but we kept in silence until the last minute! Our answer to all those questions was on the day we released this video and the same day we accepted the invitation!

A few days later we were traveling 390km to the city of Guimarães to play the 2nd stage of the Portuguese Championship in Division 1.

On Saturday we had the chance to practice with our good friends of Team Damaiense in the field where the event would take place!

We arrived as underdogs and the teams we had to play in our group were 2 of the top teams in Portugal like Metralhas Porto the team that won the first stage, then Lisbon Benfica last year champions and third game against Team Triball XXL last year champions of Division 2.

Sunday, Tournament day...

First game was against Metralhas Porto... A very good team with some of the best players in Portugal, every game they play is like they are playing a final. It was a good game were we started strong by winning the first 2 points but they came back and leveled the game to a 2-2 score. We kept strong and took the game to overtime where a penalty (1for1) made us lose 3-2... For our first game that was a sign that this would be a day of struggle. Anyway we ended that game feeling good with ourselves and with people telling us that we did good, we were strong and they liked to watch us play, in that first game we showed we were there to prove we deserve to be in Division 1.

Next game was Lisbon Benfica, the team we like to play against... Not only because they are the defending Champions and our companions in our travels to the Millennium Series but also because they are really good players and cool guys! The game started with our team getting again the first 2 points advantage. Knowing they would come back and fight we tried to lock them by stopping they're strong side, the Doritos side. They did put a point on the board but the game ended 3-1 for us!

Now people really started to look at us differently... There was a buzz in the air, something was happening, the underdogs are almost in the finals and maybe in first place of the group!
By now we decided to get together and have a little talk, we could not get over confident or think it was done, by the contrary we talked and everyone of us said the same thing " we are here to fight until the end, and we will show everyone that we are a difficult team to beat, we have to fight for respect!".

Third game came and during this game we tried two or three different tactics, the finals were next and we knew that the other teams were watching us play, so we changed things around trying to mess with their heads a bit! We won that game 4-1.

In the semifinal we played against Sporting! We know how they play and what they can’t do... We had to play this game really slow and different from our way of play. Sporting is a very experienced team with players that shoot really good but they don't move much so we kept calm and played their game with a difference and that was patience, communication and smart moves attacking!

We won the game 4-1 and for everyone´s surprise we were in the final game playing Lisbon Benfica again! 

The final was a good game of paintball, the sun was shining down, people were watching and shouting. In the first minutes of the game we got a good advantage again but that was not enough as Benfica proved us wrong by getting the next point and making things worst we got a penalty at the end of the point, making us enter in the next point with only 4 players when the score was 3-2 for us! So we went to the field with only 4 players, the sun in our eyes and a strong believe that we would not fall easy! In that last point playing 5 against 4 we got G1 right from the break and we held our ground until the end! Time run out and we won the game 3-2!

Imagine how happy we were!

From our 7 players only 3 of us had played in div.1 before, the rest had never played there, and those just fall to their knees and cried!

Not only because all the effort they put during the games but because all the fuss about our team accepting to play Div1, and because the people that did not want us there or did not believe we were ready to play in that division... We proved to them they were all wrong! Never underestimate the power of friendship, union and a humble team! 

A week after the Championship we went to Lisbon to play at the RLA (Regional Lisbon Adrenalicia), a small tournament held at our practice field (Vila Verde). We won that tournament with only victories and no losses!  That was also an excellent day.

Now we have a bigger challenge, to stay on the top, but we will do what we know best, we will practice and keep humble until the next stage of Portuguese Championship!

Keep it simple!

Our team wants to thanks all the people that believe in us, and all those that stayed with us screaming and pushing the team to win until the final game, you guys and girls are amazing, many thanks to you all!

To our sponsors,
Planet Eclipse,  G.I. SPORTZ, Exalt , V-force masks, Shamir, Hybrid photo, X3, Frostline, Jorge Sá Madeiras ,Dream Team clothing and VilaVerde Paintball Field, respect to all, we try to defend our brand with all our strength to make you guys proud… we fight for us and for you!

If your doing to do it, do it in style....

From everyone at Planet HQ... Well Done !!