Prototype Planet Gear on EBay for Charity !!!!!

When a phone call from Stephan Wildemann ( informed Ledz and Julian (Planet Eclipse) about the dimensions of the flood disaster in Germany the guys from Manchester spontaneously decided to help.

Planet Eclipse has dug deep into their vault of secret prototypes. These products are true one off designs, samples, etc, that never went into production!

Secure your personal collector’s item and help us to help the families in need.

The funds generated in this auction will pay the fuel bill for the second supply trip to the disaster area and will be given to 2 or 3 individual families or projects in dire need.
For the next 5 days we will start a new auction every day at 12 o clock noon. We will report on Facebook about the auction and other news in this matter.

Here are a list of current Auctions... 6 more going up this week....


After all auctions are over you can decide the distribution of the money. If we bring in just a small amount the first family you chose will get 2/3 of all auction results, the second family will receive the remaining 1/3.

If we bring in a substantially higher amount we will choose a third family that needs help and split the money accordingly. 

You can all help by joining the actions, sharing the information in your Facebook community and in other media. The more people know the more we can help!

It's For Charity Mate !!!